The Tube Saga



This may be pre-emptive but Pink and Purple will be following in big sister’s footsteps (and moms). Purple is dealing with her fourth double ear infection. Pink had her fourth in December. In just six short months, these poor girls have suffered, I have suffered. Princess Daddy has suffered. It’s not pretty.

Orange had her first set of tubes put in just a week short of being 13 months old. She had NINE ear infections by then. I kept delaying hoping that when winter time passed the ear infections would stop. Or she’d grow out of them when she started walking (less germs on her hands from crawling was my theory). I was wrong. Those things didn’t happen. By July of ’10 she was on an almost two month long ear infection, three antibiotics later that still wouldn’t go away. The surgery was quick and easy, affected me more than her and it was like a miracle. She got sick only one other time that year. Almost immediately, she took her first step and went from crawling to running. Her speech blossomed and she soon excelled at everything she did. Around 2 1/2 years of age her tubes started coming loose and after six infections in six months, we elected to put in a second set of tubes just a month before her third birthday. She’s had a variety of bad viruses as well as an ongoing stomach thing but her ears are perfect!

So yes, we have experience with tubes. Orange’s ear infections presented with green mucus, severely runny nose, a little crankiness and a low-grade temp. Pink and purple however take on a completely different form. They run ridiculously high temperatures (think 103+), have no appetite, wake up 1000 times a night and are complete BEASTS writhing in pain. (Three of their ear infections were together, at the same time. Yeah, that was fun.)

Maybe I’m jumping the gun. Maybe I should give the girls more time to catch up. Or try to treat the earache naturally instead of with antibiotics. (I hear oil and garlic works.) But I’m more of a quick fix kind of gal. I’ve been there, I’ve done that.

I know the girls’ speech is behind and neither of them are walking so I’m secretly hopeful the tubes will be the same miracle workers we’ve seen in the past. Our ENT appointment is next week.

Too bad it’s a new year with a new (much higher) deductible.


About Heather Campbell

I'd like to say I'm fun and interesting, but that all depends on who you talk to. I have everything I've ever wanted. I've been married, mostly happily since 2006. Together we have a spunky redhead and giggly identical twins. I am a mom/homemaker, doula-in-training and a freelance writer. Our story is magical. Our life is chaos.

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