When Moms Get Sick

Begging for a Little Relief

Begging for a Little Relief

Early Sunday, Pink woke up not acting quite like herself. Within hours we realized her nose was running, running like there was a gold medal on the line at the end of the race. She was refusing to nap but had no fever and didn’t seem to have any other symptoms. We made it through the day and chalked it up to a new molar coming in. The Monday came around and Orange had acquired the same symptoms but even worse, I was sick: scratchy throat, congestion, pressure in my ears, the whole nine yards. I had a cold.

Here’s the thing though, mom’s don’t get sick. Moms can’t get sick. We don’t have sick days. We sleep when the kids sleep (which in my case means at night, hopefully… sometimes… maybe). Our recovery has been known to take longer than normal. We can’t take Nyquil day in and day out because we have to be conscious for our kids. We stock up on hot drinks, pain relievers, and saline sprays. And don’t even get my started on taking care of ourselves while we are pregnant or nursing.

Last night as we were going to bed, I popped some pills, sprayed my throat with some Chloraseptic and made a brief complaint about not feeling well. Princess Daddy replied [innocently] with something along the lines of “I know, me too.” And maybe it was the bad mood that being sick and exhausted put me in. Maybe it was the stress of other family stuff going on. But I snapped. It might have been the tiniest bit justified but in reality, I treated him unfairly.

Dads can’t get sick either. Men get a bad reputation with over complaining. Ever heard of the man cold? I’m well guilty of accusing my hunny with having one. Let’s face it though, he has the same thing I have right now. He still has to go to work. He still wakes up in the middle of the night to help with the sick kids. He still lets me rest when he gets home.

We will make it through this week. Life will get better and we won’t remember any of this but right now? Man, we don’t feel good!


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