My Love of Coconut Oil


I remember the first time Princess Daddy mentioned coconut oil to me. He was going on about using it in cooking and taking it to prevent colds and other viruses. I was on hospital bed rest and the stress of suddenly being a single dad had him sick every other week it seemed. I laughed at the thought. No way could there be this perfect product. Sounded pretty outrageous. Then I started using some on my stretch marks. That was when I changed my mind.

Post c-section and twin pregnancy, it’s safe to say I felt horrible in my own skin. I’m not normally a vain person and it’s not like I was showcasing my stomach to everyone I came across but I could barely look at myself in the mirror. Still today, that memory of what I experienced flashes before me as I run my finger across my incision. As far as scars go, I got lucky in the physical sense. The combination of healthy, hydrated skin paired with coconut oil daily has left it a faded pink color, barely noticeable and well hidden under my bikini line. I’ve shown it to very few people and it will remain that way. Emotionally though, that scar is far worse.

No one ever thinks about making scars go away to recover from the mental pain and memories that come with them. But that’s what it is for me. I don’t look at my stretch marks and think of the amazing feat my body accomplished. I look at them and think of how my body failed my two girls, birthing them over two month early. Through therapy and healing I’ve learned to accept my past and I know in my heart that we are all okay now and those things don’t matter.

So yes, I love coconut oil. It has helped diminish my scars to almost nothing. It is a fantastic lubricant. It is awesome for sore, cracked nipples during nursing. We use is it on eczema and in cooking. There seems to be nothing that coconut oil can’t handle. Princess Daddy was on to something when he was babbling on about the benefits. Good thing I listened this time. 🙂

If you’d like to try coconut oil, check out this deal on Amazon. We love the free shipping and extra discount with the subscribe and save program. It’s a win-win situation.

And for more benefits of coconut oil, check out the information Organic Facts posted here.


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