Washing Cloth Diapers: Am I Doing it Right?


With the arrival of my first few cloth diapers and prefolds, I made myself a little note of all the things to remember about washing cloth diapers. I know it will become second nature but I want to be sure to have this around to help when my memory is a bit foggier than it used to be. Plus, it’s nice to have it all somewhere so Princess Daddy can help too if I need him to 🙂 So here’s what I have:

My collection includes misc. brands of prefolds (all cotton I believe?), misc. microfiber inserts, and Kawaii, Sun Baby, and Alva Baby pockets.


PREPPING (Only new diapers/supplies)

  • Wash and dry 3-5 times before use (See CLEANING).
  • Separate fibers during prepping

CLEANING (Every 2-4 days or more as needed)

  • Scrape or dip poo into toilet. Rinse with cold water.
  • Wash prefolds warm.
  • Wash pockets/covers cold with like colors.
    • Homemade “Detergent”
      • 1:1 ratio of all natural baking soda and oxygen powder cleaner
      • 1-2 tbsp. dissolved in water per load
      • ¼ cup white distilled vinegar during rinse cycle
  • NO fabric softener, bleach, borax or dryer sheets.
  • Dry like normal. Line dry optional.

STRIPPING (Once every month to three months or more as needed)

  • Pre-soak in HOT water with a drop of blue Dawn dish detergent (Do not exceed 95 degrees for covers)
  • Rinse warm
  • Rinse cold
  • Dry like normal
  • Sunning recommended with line drying at least once every three months to reduce bacteria and stains

So what do you think? What am I missing? What do you do different? Is anything here TOTALLY WRONG? I know there’s a lot of different options for washing and prep so not everything will be exact for your regimen but I just want to be sure the dipes are clean, sanitary and taken well care of.


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  1. For the Prefolds, When prepping just make sure that they ‘Pile’ up real well. Some of my prefolds took more than 3-5 wash cycles to fluff up. Other than that I think you’ve got it! I think that My Stripping instructions are a little different, but I think it is basically the same. Also, some covers should be line dried. I actually never put my covers in the dryer. I throw them over the shower curtain and they dry pretty quick. The heat of the dryer could damage the PLU ( or PUL.. whatever it is called) fabric. Also, ‘Sunning’ the diapers is fantastic for them!

    • Awesome! Thanks Lauren. I forgot to mention the prefolds are all previously used so luckily they are quilted pretty well. Oh and I did read from Kawaii to just hand rinse the covers in cold water and air dry and to only wash in the washer/soap every 3-4 uses. I will likely follow that rule of thumb for anything without stains 🙂

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