30 Things: Topic #3: Talk About your Relationship with your Parents


Over the next several months, I’ll be blogging about 30 preset topics based on this post. Check it out and take the challenge yourself. And come back often to see more blogs from me.

ParentsThere are only four people in this world I love more than my parents and they happen to be the man I committed my heart and soul to and the three girls I grew and birthed. I have brothers and aunts and uncles and cousins and amazing friends that I love as well but it simply doesn’t compare.

Growing up, I never thought much about loving my parents. Of course I frequently told them “I love you” and I almost always meant it but I just never sat down to think about it. But I think that’s how most kids and teenagers are.

As an adult I can acknowledge and understand what all it takes to be a parent and to how to pour love unconditionally towards someone else. I have so much more respect for my parents now than I ever had before. I could never have enough room to write everything I think or feel about them and our relationship but here’s a brief overview.

  • I refer to them in my blog and Nana Bear and Papa Bear.
  • They were 22 and 24 when I was born.
  • They have been married for 30 years.
  • They accept me for ME.
  • I talk to them several times a week on average, either by text, phone or FB.
  • I don’t keep any secrets from them. They were the first in the family to know about all of my pregnancies. They know about all our major life changes as they happen.
  • They are the only people who I’ve ever trusted to watch the twins.
  • We vacation together, take day trips together, often dine out together, even shop together for no reason other than to have company.
  • They offer to bring over groceries when we are sick.
  • They brought over many meals not to mentioned offered an insane amount of help in other ways those first few months of crazy during bedrest and early twin life.
  • I regret not including them in my darkest battle.
  • We live less than 2 miles from each other. If we ever decide to move, that will play a huge factor.
  • They are not overbearing. It’s not like an “Everybody Loves Raymond” episode.
  • They love my husband as if they raised him themselves.

I would be lying if I said our relationship was perfect. Heck, not even my marriage is perfect. We all have our faults and have often had disagreements. The point though, is that we can see through the differences and focus on our love for one another. I truly can’t picture life without my parents. I don’t take this relationship for granted because I know so many adults that don’t have what we have.


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  1. First off I love the 30 things to blog about challenge and am planning on doing it myself 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

    I love that you have such a close relationship with your parents!! Definitely not something that everyone has for sure!

  2. I like this 30 things to blog about… I may have to start it tomorrow and just play catch up… for now, the post I just wrote is enough. 😦 Im so sick to my stomach right now….

    I am very close to my parents also… Its something special to have- Not everyone gets that chance.

    • No rush. Do it at your own pace. I think the original idea was to post everyday for a month but I like the randomness. It helps fill up the schedule too when my mind goes blank and I can’t think of anything to write about.

  3. Ooh good topic. I have been meaning to blog about this myself. The in laws too. But when it’s all good things seems to make the post less interesting. Lol

    • No kidding! I don’t often blog about my in laws on the off chance that they’d see it. I rarely have anything good to say there.

  4. What a blessing to have a close relationship with your parents and to live close to them. Speaking from experience – treasure all these moments the big and the small. It’s going to mean the world to your girls to have nana bear and papa bear be such a big part of their life.

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