Tiny (Major) Hair Cuts

Her Long, Pretty Strawberry Hair Before Our Date

Her Long, Pretty Strawberry Hair Before Our Date

A few weeks ago, just before Orange’s 4th birthday, I received an email with a coupon for a haircut at our favorite kid friendly hair salon. Knowing that Orange needed a professional bang trim at the very least (I managed to get her bangs nice and crooked in my latest attempt.) I offered the option of a haircut as a special mommy-daughter date. Orange was very excited about this idea and soon began mentioning she wanted her hair short. I still have no idea where this idea came from. I personally hate short hair. It looks horrible on me and I never really intended for any of my girls to chop off all their locks either. BUT, I realize that my girls will grow up and having opinions different from mine. So Orange and I spent an entire day discussing what a hair cut meant. I showed her multiple pictures of little kids with short hair, medium hair, long hair, up d0s, down styles, etc. Time and time again she chose a chin length bob.

Oh my God, she really means SHORT.

Can I do this? Can I let my baby cut her LONG hair that took almost 4 years to grow? I mean she was BALD until almost her first birthday. We finally got to put pigtails in her hair at just over 2 years old. And now she wants to cut it.


No really, No.


But I pride myself in letting my girls help make decisions that aren’t otherwise life altering or safety issues so…

We Headed in for our Hair Date...

We Headed in for our Hair Date…


The Chin Bob She Got!

The Chin Bob She Got!


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    • I’m okay with it now. It took be a few days to get used to though. I would love for her to grow it back out at least to shoulder length though. Luckily she does not seem to have my hair texture. When I had a style like this it never flipped the way I styled it to. Hers just naturally does what it’s supposed to!

      • I always cringe when Aubree wants to cut her hair… I’m always afraid it won’t look good. I had several bad hair years and hope that Aubree doesn’t have to go thru the torment that I did.

  1. Oh Heather it turned out SO precious. I really love it on her. I remember when Carley wanted to cut her hair… it, too, was longer, but her mom actually let her get it cut and when I got the picture I about cried because she looked SO cute!!!

  2. Awwwww what a good little mummy you are! I had very long hair and at about 5 insisted on getting it cut short. My mum let me and it looked awful. It was a mistake that I had to make though. She kept the hair from the cut and I still have it (I’m now 36 lol).

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