#ThrowbackThursday #Bedrest #Antepartum


postpartumTwo years ago this fall, rather than preparing for the arrival of my twins by folding tiny baby clothes, painting nursery walls and spending every last chance I could with Orange during her last moments as an only child, I sat in a hospital bed praying that every twinge wasn’t another contraction and that my babies would stay in much, much longer.

It barely took a few hours for me to become stir crazy. Less than a week into my jail time sentence hospital stay, I had to start getting creative and one early Sunday morning I typed up this gem and shared it as a note on my Facebook page. My friends all got a good giggle out of it so I thought I’d pull this one out of the archives to share with you today.

Enjoy 🙂

A – Antepartum

B- Boring

C- Cervical Length

D- Discharge Plan

E- e-books

F- Fetal Doppler Monitor

G- Get Well Cards

H- Hulu.com

I- Indomethacin

J- Joint Pain

K- Kick Counts

L- Leg Compressions

M- Maternal Health Care

N- NICU Consult

O- On-call Doctors

P- Procardia

Q- Quiet

R- Room Service

S- Steroid Shots

T- Toco Monitoring

U- Ultrasounds

V- View

W- While You Are Waiting

X- X Chromosomes

Y- Yellow Bathrobe

Z- Zzzz’s


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