30 Things Topic #5: Five Things that Make Me Happiest

Post Run Cuddles

Post Run Cuddles

Over the next several months, I’ll be blogging about 30 preset topics based on this post. Check it out and take the challenge yourself. And come back often to see more blogs from me.

I think it goes without saying that my family makes me happy. I mean if this post was about five PEOPLE that make me the happiest, my husband and three daughters would the top four and the fifth would be a battle royale between my mom, dad, brothers and best friend. But this isn’t about people. This is about THINGS. And this is about me. Far too often as moms, the things that make us happy are about other people (especially our kids.) So… Five THINGS that make ME the happiest are:

1. Running. I love running. It has taken me years of thinking less of myself, thinking sports or exercise was painful or boring, years of me thinking I simply wasn’t built for being athletic for me to concede and admit that I truly am a runner and that I love doing it. It impacts me physically, emotionally, and mentally and it absolutely makes me happy!
2. Reading. It definitely takes me awhile to get through a book since I am going, going, going with the family all the time but I do love to sit down with a good book. Recently I’ve been reading a lot about our country’s maternity care system and vaccinations as well as GMO’s and organic foods. I’m just a basket full of truth these days, haha!

3. Writing. I think it would be silly to not include writing considering I am a blogger. I started writing personally many, many years. I’ve always said that blogging was for me and no one else. I love the community of people I’ve met and learned about in the process but I still blog as an outlet for my own thoughts. I will continue to share my opinions, wit, sarcasm, joy and stories as long as it continues to make me happy.

4. Cooking. I never realized cooking could be relaxing. I mean trust me, when I need to get dinner on the table and I am tripping over toys, with children pulling on my legs, whining or screaming and endlessly listening to some obnoxious kids’ cartoon like God forbid, Cailou then yes, I am not a fan of cooking… But *most* days aren’t actually like that. And it truly brings me joy knowing that the fruits of my labor impacts my family is such a positive way.

5. Healthy eating. There is so much power behind the nutrition you decide to put into your body. And on the most basic level, not even talking about the happiness I feel knowing we are now picking the better option (in our opinion) but different ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, artificial dyes and enriched grain products have actually been linked to depression so in the rawest form of what I can describe right now, healthy eating makes me happy. It’s pulled me out of postpartum depression. It’s pulling me out of adrenal health disease. And it’s curing my daughter of IBS. So yes, that makes me extremely happy!

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  1. I love this list. It’s so true that we tend to think in terms of people and not other activities/things when we are thinking of what makes us happy. I enjoyed reading your list. 😀

  2. I recently found my love of reading again and have been devouring books left and right, but I wish I could find my love for running again. I’ve ran a whopping one time since the boys were born. Great list!

    • How old are they now? I had to restart running several times. I was NOT a runner pretwins though. I did walks and yoga. And that’s it! Lol. Now I love trying all kinds of things, playing soccer with my 4 yo, tag and chase and other things of the sort. 🙂

      • My boys are 16 months old. I wasn’t too much of a runner but did the occasional two-ish miles, but I did do a bootcamp three times a week which I loved.

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