Writer Road Trip: New Post on Amateur Parenting: Tantrums and Parents



Crying is One Thing I'm All Too Familiar With

Crying is One Thing I’m All Too Familiar With

Continuing on our writer road trip, today I finished up a piece on the Amateur Parenting blog about the terrible two’s, toddler tantrums and how I’m sick of hearing parents complain about them. It’s not as harsh as it seems, I promise.

If you didn’t already know, I occasionally (maybe hopefully someday soon more than occasionally) write for Amateur Parenting alongside its creator, my now bff Kristen aka Mommy-in-training. She asked me to team up with her long before Magical Chaos was in existence but life and all of its normalcy (we both have a set of twin toddlers among other things) got in the way and the poor blog hasn’t been getting much attention. There are so many good posts over there though so please go check in for a visit and I hope Kristen and I can start informing and entertaining readers again soon.

P.S. If the link above doesn’t work, try out that pretty picture. Just give it a click and you’ll zip right on over.



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