Ten Thought TuesdayIn an effort to be less wordy and more random, I’ve taken the advice of some of my new favorite blogging buddies and am launching a new fun Tuesday theme… If only I remember to keep up with it.

1. If you have a smart phone, I strongly recommend downloading “Yoga Studio.” It has a huge selection of preprogrammed in home yoga video classes plus a good 200+ poses to pick from if you want to create your own. I love yoga but am nowhere near coordinated. I get embarrassed in group classes because I stumble a lot.

2. I love writing guest posts especially when other writers give me prompts and questions. It gives me a chance to connect with new audiences as well as write out of my normal comfort zone. Every writer (blogger) should reach out to their fellow “co-workers” and do the same every once in a while. It’s good for the mind. (So if you ever want me to do a guest post, hit me up! I’ll gladly swap you and feature a post of yours on my blog too.

3. My youngest girls will be two years old in just 3 short months. HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN????? Who let them grow up right under my nose? I mean seriously!

4. I am super excited to be attending a conference later this year about organic and natural parenting. No worries, I’ll blog about it.

5. We bought 50 lbs of strawberries over the weekend because they were on sale, like super cheap.

6. I’ve absolutely never liked chips and salsa until 2 months ago. Now I can’t stop eating it.

7. I am very motivated lately to sell off old stuff. Most of this is baby related but really, I’m like anti-hoarding every room in my house.

8. Orange and I had a nail painting party on Sunday morning. I am now sporting gold glitter nails. I’m like a rock star.

9. Only two more days of school this week, then school is out for a long weekend. Happy Labor Day!

10. I am signed up for my first training/shadowing session to meet with pregnant moms of bedrest. It’s a little surreal to be training literally the same 3 months I was in that ward of the hospital.

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  1. Wow 2 years old time flies hey ?..
    50lb of strawberries,. What in the world will you do with all of those?
    Id love for you to do a guest post on the my blog. Maybe you have a art project or game you do with the twins age between 1-2year you could share.. i struggle for ideas what to do with v at this age. Send me an email.. Journey2dfuture@gmail.com
    I must ask where did you make the ttt picture you feature when you write these blogs?

    • We freeze them for smoothies 🙂 During off season they are $8.95 for a 4 lb bag so when we can get them $0.99 a lb we stock up. We got 20 lbs in May that lasted us 3 months 🙂

      I would love to guest post! Great topic idea too. I’ll get something together and email you 🙂 Thanks!

      • Ah what a great idea to freeze them. Great price too. Last year we grew our own and made loads of jam, compost juices syrup and of course ate a ton. This year our nectarine tree is plentiful I’m sick of them now. :p

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