I’ve been posting dinner tidbits for a while now on my private blog and it seems friends and family love them so much that I’ve decided to share some overviews with you.

Monday: Tacos

Tuesday: Crockpot Hawaiian Chicken, steamed snow peas, brown rice

Wednesday: All natural, nitrate free bratwurst on whole grain buns, homemade whole grain macaroni and cheese, steamed organic green bags (from Trader Joe’s)

Thursday: Ground pork burgers, farmer’s market corn on the cob, spinach salads

Friday: Family Day. Went out to eat at Chimi’s Mexican Grill. Had flautas and enchiladas with sweet corn cake and rice

Saturday: Pepperoni, ground pork and sautéed onion whole grain pizza

Sunday: Baked eggplant parmesan and steamed organic broccoli

What did you eat last week? Any recipes you want me to share?


About Heather Campbell

I'd like to say I'm fun and interesting, but that all depends on who you talk to. I have everything I've ever wanted. I've been married, mostly happily since 2006. Together we have a spunky redhead and giggly identical twins. I am a mom/homemaker, doula-in-training and a freelance writer. Our story is magical. Our life is chaos.

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  1. I was juat talking to my husband this past weekend that i wanted to try egg plant parmesan which recipe did you use there seems to be so many. The one ive taken a liking to is on youtube.
    I made some food yesterday so nice he didnt like it so i ate most of it. 2pints beef stock, one packet of buck wheat kasia, one carrot,one cup of peas and half a turkey breast boiled and shredded. Mix together simmer and enjoy. It really was delish!

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