I’m 27 and Teething: A Mom’s Real Life Review of Remedies

That's How I Felt Too Baby Girl

That’s How I Felt Too Baby Girl

As promised, today I am going to talk about teething. Most of the time when moms talk about teething, they discuss their inconsolable babies. This isn’t one of those times. No, today, I am going to talk about ADULT teething.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am 27 years olds and I am teething. It seems as if I am some kind of bizarre breed. I am teething my wisdom teeth right now. The normal time frame for wisdom teeth is actually late teens/early twenties. If you want to pretend that I am still early twenties, that’s cool. But anyway… That’s not the point.

[Side note, my teeth are coming in but NOT causing any issues. There’s a big debate about wisdom tooth removal these days and the surgery is not actually required in all situations. My jaw does have the room. The teeth are not impacted. And there is no infection or cavities in the teeth. Two have actually cut through already.]

So what is the point? I am teething. This means I can give you FIRST HAND reviews of teething remedies we use on our kids all day, every day. Cool, right? Up until now all the reviews talk about what we perceive to be working or not working based on our babes’ moods but this is the review you really want to read. Because I know!

  1. Teething Tablets: There are a couple different brands of these. There was even a recall. The whole circle of events on the uproar about teething tablets is still confusing to me. With Orange we used Hyland’s Teething Tablets. We loved them and used them often. It seems as if they truly worked. She was very colicky (due to her IBS which we had no idea that she had so early on.) And we actually used them when she was in an episode, not even teething. Anyway, when Pink and Purple came around, we found Orajel had created an all natural teething tablet also AND their brand was cheaper. So that’s what we use now. Again, love them with our twins. Sooooo, here I come, in pain, cranky, all over the place and I decide to pop a few teething tablets. First of all, they taste pretty rotten. I’m not really sure how to explain the flavor but “good” is nowhere near the description. And the real question, do they work? No, not really. Granted, I’ll keep using them for my kids. I am pretty sure they don’t work on adults because adults are like 6 times the size of teething 1 year olds. And sure I could pour the entire bottle of tablets in my mouth but Jesus, that would be expensive!
  2. Orajel: I really love that Orajel has come out with an all natural version of their teething gel. Again, we use this pretty liberally with our kids. I tried it and was pretty impressed with the pain relief. The worst part is that the relief is VERY temporary. It works nice for nighttime and falling asleep but otherwise, nothing. I also found out a really horrible side effect that I never really thought about with kids. When you put the gel on teeth (molars especially), it ends up numbing the whole back of your throat. I am very, very picky about being able to feel everything. (Hence my hyperventilation post C-section.) So I sort of ended up feeling like I no longer knew how to breathe. Yikes. I can’t imagine how my kids have felt.
  3. Tea Tree Oil: I learned about TTO very, very recently and I am completely in love. Pink and Purple are trying to pop in some two-year molars and started pulling at their ears. Both were running low temps too. Worried about yet another ear infection, I took to Facebook for some advice and learned about this magic solution. You dab just the slightest around the jaw bone and outside of the ear. And it really works! My girls almost immediately fell asleep and had no issues the next morning. I used it too and it just works. I have no idea why. Just trust me.
  4. Amber Resin: Myself, Orange, Pink and Purple all wear amber [teething] necklaces now. Pink and Purple have worn them since about 9 months old. They have helped so much with the mood swings and crankiness from being in pain. Orange is growing and growing fast. She’ll soon be losing baby teeth and getting 6-year molars and adult teeth. She has a lot of weird aches and pains just like the rest of us. So she wears one just for good measure. But let me tell you about mine. I wear it on my ankle. The very first night I wore it was the first time in weeks that I had been able to sleep all night without waking up with pressure in my ear or tightness in my jaw. It is truly like some secret club. It’s been several weeks now, my wisdom tooth cut through and I barely even noticed after putting on my amber.

Overall, you probably think I’m nuts. But seriously, I love this stuff. I hate teething. (Duh! Is there some sadistic person that doesn’t?) So I hope I can give you some insight on a little bit of help.

And if all else fails, combine them all.

What do you use for teething relief? Any first hand experience?


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  2. Thanks a bunch for posting this, great tips! I’m wisdom teething right now I have no issues thus far and no pain but my gums itch like CRAZY from my teeth coming in. Hopefully these work for me.

  3. Thank you for this post! Right now, I am severely in pain due to wisdom teething, and I now understand why my eleven month old screams her head off sometimes. I am in exhausting pain, and have many of the normal symptoms, such as fever, stuffy nose, general pain, etc. I am going to try a few of these, and hopefully see some results. Haha.

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