The Easiest Fresh Face Recipe


20131002-191329.jpgThis post is a part of a link-up series going on during the month of October from Money Saving Mom and Simply Rebekah: Frugal Photo Friday.

I’m a long time sufferer of adult acne. Really just acne in general. My system is just way too acidic. I really need to do a cleanse to try to reset everything but that’s not why you are hear…

How about a recipe for the easiest fresh face ever? You can save money by using these three products already in your pantry as a wash, toner and moisturizer. No more buying expensive lotions or creams. No more running out of face wash. No more anti aging creams. Let nature do its thing.

Face wash: Baking soda! It’s so easy. Start with a very small amount, mixing it with water and creating a paste. Scrub a little bit into your skin. At first, only let it sit a few minutes or so. It can be a little harsh on damaged skin. But as your skin gets fresh and new again, you can use this as a mask all night long even. You will just glow after! I recommend a quick wash daily and a mask 1-2 times a week. A box of baking soda tends to cost less than $1.00 and will last weeks!

Toner: Apple cider vinegar to the rescue! DO NOT put this on right after washing with baking soda. You’ve seen those volcano experiments right? You don’t want that on your face. Dilute in water at first. Again, your skin needs to get used to this. I like to wash in the morning and tone before bed. You can expect to get a bottle of ACV for only a few bucks depending on the brand you pick and what size bottle. You’ll be using so little, this will last weeks to even months!

Moisturizer: There is absolutely no better moisturizer than coconut oil. Seriously. Use just a tiny dab as it warms up against your skin and a lot goes a long way. This is great for acne as the coconut oil has natural germ fighting properties. And unlike the name, coconut oil is actually not oily at all. (It also makes a great shaving cream too. Just saying.) I moisturize after washing once a day. Plan on coconut oil being the most expensive of your fresh face products. Check sales at your local natural foods store and Amazon to find tubs for around $5.00 each. I promise though, you won’t need to stock up again for awhile.

Do you have any money saving, home beauty regimens? I’d love to hear your favorites!


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    • I often wonder if it’s actually all the chemicals in our creams and makeup and washes that actually cause such inflammation to lead to acne. Just trying to reset everything these days and detox.

      Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to another link up.

  1. Love this idea! Def going to give it a go. I find most products do not work for my sensitive skin as there are too many chemicals. My skin ends up worse with regular washing rather than better (and no I don’t just mean the pimples they say are normal) This should sort that out!

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