My Style is Called “Target Clearance”



20130918-200727.jpgI’ve never really connected with fashion. I don’t really care about the glamour magazines or name brand clothes. Even still, I find myself often faced with questions about my style when filling out surveys for social blogging work. I don’t know why this is such an interesting topic but since I technically have written about clothing before, I suppose now is as good a time as any to talk about my style.

My style is called… “Target Clearance.” And yes, I’m completely serious. I pretty much don’t shop anywhere else. I have a few selections from Kohl’s and Old Navy (also from their respective clearance racks.) You could also call my style “Target Daily Deals” because I check them often and just can’t pass up a $10 maxi skirt or comfy linen shorts/capris.

There are a couple things that shape my fashion style. 1. Practicality. I like being comfortable. I do wear dresses and skirts but often they are flowy, cotton and not super short. 2. Ummm? There really isn’t a number 2. I like taking chances. I normally go with layers. I only buy things that fit my shape. I don’t care about size. Bottoms have to have a waistline that hides my twin skin.

To give you an idea of my daily cuteness, here are some selfies from a few of my recent outfit ensembles. I don’t really think I dress in “mom” clothes but again, I don’t really know how I would define my style otherwise.

Do you dress like a “mom?” What’s your style?






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