Product Review: @Zaggora Workout Pants for Women


Earlier this year, I received an offer for a free pair of hotpants in exchange for a product review. While I did not pay for the pants, my review is honest and not affected by this exchange. I do not now, nor have I ever worked for Zaggora and I do not continue to receive any products or services from them, monetary or otherwise.

20131008-133213.jpgWhat is the product?: Basically, it’s exercise gear made of a specific material designed to raise your core body temperature during workouts thus burning more calories and better toning those areas of the body covered by the gear. I specifically tried the Zaggora Hotpants which are what they are most famous for.

How reputable is the company?: Before trying the Zaggora Hotpants I had not heard of them at all. Skeptical of the opportunity, I did some basic research and even found they’d been featured on Good Morning America. There communication with me throughout the process has been impeccable, shipping was well within the quoted time, and product exactly as described so as a whole, I would gladly recommend them as a company.

How do you use them?: I wore my Zaggora Hotpants once a week for 30 days. I used them twice for Yoga, once to run at the gym on a treadmill, once to run outside with my daughter and once to walk to the park with my kids. Basically, you can wear them for whatever you want. They are designed to move with you for workouts but comfortable enough for casual wear as well. They are thick, like a scuba diving suit. They make a swishy sound when you walk. I do like them for walks and yoga but did not like them for actual running. They simply made me too hot during my hardest of workouts hampering my biathlon training.

Final thoughts?: Here is a side-by-side of my actual leg before trying the Zaggora Hotpants and 30 days after:


Yes, I have cellulite. As you can see though, after 30 days, in just 5 uses, my legs really do appear slightly more toned with visibly less cellulite. I stopped using the Zaggora Hotpants over the summer because seriously, they are hot. But I am excited for cooler temperatures to try them out more. They are my go-to pants for Yoga every time. I don’t wear mine for every day use because of the thickness. I don’t mind it for workouts or moving around but just to lounge around, I prefer cotton. These pants are not very breathable. I do like them and would recommend them but only for casual running and workouts. I do not recommend them for use during heavier training or more focused skills.

The above ad is an affiliate link to Road ID, a product I use personally and give my seal of approval. By purchasing a product via my link, you help support our family. We thank you.


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