Our #MarchAgainstMonsanto and Why Our Family Protests


This past weekend, the Princess family packed up and headed to a local park. It wasn’t just any park, it was the staging ground for this year’s March Against Monsanto. No, this was not by coincidence. We wanted to be a part of this rally, of this protest. Neither Princess Daddy or I have ever attended a protest before. And honestly, we were both hesitant spouting off a very realistic concern about being arrested. We did some research and learned that the March Against Monsanto was very family friendly and in fact would be a non-violent demonstration simply spreading the word. So we went. And it was amazing. So here’s the scoop:

Monsanto is headquartered in St. Louis, MO. Being a part of the protest right here, in my home town, right outside the headquarters is huge. It’s powerful. And it means something. Monsanto knew we were coming. The local police were out in heavy force patrolling the area and property to ensure our peaceful demonstration remained so. If you don’t already know, here’s the basics of why our family marched against this huge conglomerate of a company:

  • Monsanto is the leading producer of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) including the seeds for “Round-Up read corn” which is the crop, not edible in it’s grown form, most used for ingredients commonly found in processed foods. This is everything from artificial colors to preservatives to synthetic nutrients. Here’s a detailed list of items created from GMO corn. When you drive through the Midwest, its common to see corn fields. That’s what we are known for. Unfortunately, upwards of 80% of these corn fields are subsidized by the government and growing corn that cannot be picked and eaten. It must first be highly processed and sold off to various food manufacturers.
  • GMOs have been linked to an innumerable amount of health issues. Monsanto will not allow any third party testing to be done on its crop, citing patent rights therefore the only truth we can go by is the way we feel. Ask anyone (myself included) who has switched from eating whatever and whenever to a whole foods, clean, non-GMO diet and you’ll hear the facts. My daughter’s IBS has significantly gone away with very real flare ups if we slip up on her diet. My own adrenal fatigue syndrome is controlled by this more natural diet.
  • image1Last, but certainly not least, Monsanto insists that GMOs have no apparent danger. Many, like myself and my husband, question why, if GMOs are so safe, they won’t simply mark the labels on food products as GMO or non-GMO? Monsanto states this labeling would cause mass fear among consumers. For good measure, this might be the time to mention that over 60 civilized and developed countries around the world already ban GMOs. So I ask you, what do they know that Monsanto is hiding from us in America?

The protest today included a variety of people, many who shared the views our family has, some who were against government as a whole, some who didn’t like the big business aspect, some who were against the chemical warfare, etc., etc. I’m telling you, lots of different opinions. None wrong. Just not all the same reasons we were there.

GMOs are affecting your family. Do I want you to stand up and march with my family? No. But check out the information. Do some research. Make a decision based on facts.


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