Do Some Cartwheels, Save Some Money

Our Receipts Tend to be REALLY LONG

Our Receipts Tend to be REALLY LONG

This post is a part of a link-up series going on during the month of October from Money Saving Mom and Simply Rebekah: Frugal Photo Friday.

For my previous contribution to Frugal Photo Friday, click here.

The ladies at Money Saving Mom talk about Target deals pretty often. (I’ve been known to love Target Deals myself.)There are so many ways to save money at Target it’s almost crazy. I love reading this tips but I often find that I don’t actually need the products that you can get for so cheap. Even if you can get a pack of highlighters for $0.39, if you don’t buy them at all, you save $0.39!

Now I will give the girls credit. I love their blog posts too, many times about how couponing saves you money vs. how it actually doesn’t. (As in buying stuff that you don’t need just because you have a coupon for it…)

So for my Frugal Friday post, I want to talk to you about how I use Target’s Cartwheel App. To make this simple, I will assume you already know what app I am talking about. If you don’t, I have provided you with a link above.

Here it is. Plain. Simple. Savings.

  1. Make a list of what you need. Preferably do this at home.
  2. Place the items you need in your cart.
  3. Stand just outside of the checkout lanes once you are done, pull out your app and search one by one for the things in your cart. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Add them all quickly to your Cartwheel and done.
  4. Show your Cartwheel to the cashier and see instant savings.
  5. Use your Red Card to save an additional 5% off everything.

BAM! Savings. In your face!

Don’t make it overwhelming. Sure you can watch ads like a hawk and combine store coupons with manufacturers coupons and do separate transactions, etc. etc. BUT you can also just do a few easy things, save money on what you already have in your cart and walk out feeling good about yourself.

So don’t run away hiding from couponing. Using Cartwheel doesn’t require any advanced planning or expertise math skills. It’s just a quick search. So what do you have to lose?.


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  1. I finally downloaded the app, but I had been hestitate about it, only because people said it was “hard to figure out”. And well…. I just didnt have a whole lot of time to sit and do it, BUT since you said the basics of it are not hard, I suppose I will try it out!

    ps. The comment portion does NOT like me on your blog… 😦

    • I was getting a stupid amount of spam (like several thousand foreign links and messages a day) so I had to add a blocker. 😦

      Let me know if it keeps giving you trouble and what it does. When I tested it, it seemed okay but it’s hard to know what others see.

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