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busy-mom-21-e1335750322258The life of a freelancer can be quite hectic. Add in three kids to take care of all day and extra work (because extra money comes from extra work and the holidays are coming…) and assumedly you now understand where I’ve been 🙂

Hey, did you hear I’m dealing with a UTI right now too? Awesomesauce.

So, stay tuned because I have some great blogs coming your way: (Did I ever finish all those other blogs I promised? No? Okay, I’ll try to do those to.)

  1. How the Amateur Parenting blog changed my life.
  2. Shameless self plugs about the NICUPS fundraiser.
  3. Product reviews (GoDaddy and Idea Village to name a few.)
  4. MommyCon!!!! (With separate reviews for the presentations from Birth Without Fear and The Leaky Boob plus a summary of what I learned.)
  5. How to Naturally Heal from a UTI (Hopefully. I’m avoiding the germy flu season doctor’s office like the plague!)
  6. A recap from my first 10k.

And I am most certain there will be plenty of other fun things too. Promise!

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