Stretching My Mind: #NaBloPoMo Sponsored by @BlogHer


NaBloPoMo November 2013 Call me crazy (okay, please don’t) but I’ve decided to sign up for BlogHer’s National Blog Posting Month. There are literally thousands of bloggers joining me. There’s still time to sign up, so join me!

Not convinced yet? NaBloPoMo is the perfect opportunity to test yourself as a blogger, expand and promote your blog and most importantly develop yourself as a content creator. But BlogHer says it best:

S t r e t c h. Blogging daily requires you to find new ways to think about content. If you’re normally a writer, try using the prompts for photography or video or poetry instead. If you usually write to a particular topic, try branching out (entertainment posts on a family blog, for example) or narrowing in (an all-movie month in an entertainment blog, for example). Consider NaBloPoMo a chance to test-market new content ideas.

I learned in my run training that I can do anything I set my mind to. So here it is. My mind is SET!


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  1. Holy smokes so many people on the list, its ak tempting. But not for me this year. Do you k iw of such a large scale thing i a different month of the year ?
    I wish you all the best and i cant wait to read.

    • It looks like BlogHer hosts something similar throughout the year but maybe not as big normally? I know NaWriMo takes place in November as well so maybe that’s why it’s so big this month? It’s only day 1 and I am already regretting it. LOL.

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