A Year of Running #10korbust

Warmed Up and Ready to Run

This year I defined myself. This year I pushed myself. This year I became the person I want to be. I am proud of myself. I admire myself. And when I need competition, I look to better myself.

This year I trained for and completed my first 5k. Inspired and motivated, I decided to team up with Princess Daddy for a relay biathlon where I ran the first 5 mile stretch. When that was a success, I did it again, this time taking on a team biathlon with the same 5 miles of running but this time over the course of rolling hills. With each race I feel even more powerful and even more driven for further.

So last month, I set my mind on one last race for the season. I chose this 10k because of the organization it benefitted, The Backstoppers. Being the granddaughter of a retired police officer has always and will continue to always impact my life.

This morning, Princess Daddy and I ran and successfully completed the Dare 2 Run 4 Backstoppers 10k. It was incredible. Princess Daddy finished about 15 minutes ahead of me and was there to greet me as I sprinted across the finish line, just seconds under my dream goal. He hugged me tight and I collapsed into his arms in tears. I DID IT!

Whenever you think you can’t, change your mind. Whenever you want to quit, change your mind. Whenever it feels too hard, change your mind. Set your mind and push harder than you’ve ever pushed and your dreams too will come true.

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  1. Wow! This is so amazing. As a runner, I know how hard it is to start from the beginning and continue to improve and better oneself. You have done so well. Next will be a half marathon and then a full! Now that you’ve stepped out for the first time, the sky is the limit. Awesome.

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