When In Doubt, YOGA, Baby! Or Is It Baby Yoga?


MOmmyBlogFBThis post is Day 11 for National Blog Posting Month on Blogher.

Last week I posted a new blog on Mommy Hot Spot talking about our morning routine with the kids. I am pretty shocked to find out just how many families don’t have any kind of system in their home. I’m not saying you have to be strict with exact times and never change from your schedule but kids THRIVE off of direction. Since implementing a morning routine, our days are calmer, my girls are communicating better, our muscles are stronger and our bodies are healthier. We sleep better. We play nicer. It really does make a difference.

(And I cheated because the idea wasn’t actually mine but I’ll have to save that for another post.)

After breakfast the first thing I do with my girls (ages 1, 1, and 4) is yoga. I find that when we skip our stretching and breathing practices we are all in much crankier moods. And yes, I said WE. These practices give ME the energy and calm I need to get through a crazy day just as much. Our yoga is pretty basic and often turns very zoo-like. We get creative and make things up as we go. And there’s nothing quiet about our yoga either. Part of the fun of our morning routine is getting out our frustrations early before we start our day so we ROAR and BARK and CROAK with every new stretch we do

Orange is very tall for her age. She frequently has growing pains and only a few months ago already wasn’t limber enough to touch her toes anymore. This worried us greatly (combined with her toe walking) so we started doing some stretches. We found it made a definite difference but we often forgot to keep up with the stretches so we’d make progress only to quickly take steps backwards again.

Insert our new morning routine. At first, it was all for Orange but Pink and Purple and even myself now find amazing benefits from it as well. I’m surprised and excited by it. We are all improving our balance, choosing yoga positions to help detox our bodies and getting a daily dose of exercise. It takes up 15 minutes of our morning and trust me, I don’t have to remind the kids what time it is, they know and they LOVE it!

Do you do yoga with your children? Or at all? What is your daily schedule like?

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