Teaching Our Children: You Have a CHOICE


SchoolChoiceWeek130201This post is Day 12 for National Blog Posting Month on Blogher.

There are 6 recognized types of education in our country. These include a variety of public, private and homeschooling options. The choice that is best for your family is not something I can tell you. It’s not something your mother-in-law can tell you. And it’s surely not something the internet can tell you.

What we should ALL be telling you though is that you do in fact have a CHOICE. The worst decision you can make for your child(ren) is to not research the options and enroll him into the program that best suites his learning needs.

Why does this matter? Education is lacking. Schools are losing funding because of accreditation issues. Private tuition is skyrocketing. These are things that can be controlled by parent involvement. It is not the responsibility of your child(ren)’s teacher to make sure they know what’s needed to get through life. These men and women provide their students with material and lessons, yes but it is up to us as parents to talk to our children, help them study, challenge them, show them how and why their education is valuable. If we aren’t standing up as the example to our children, how will they succeed?

Less than 47% of high school graduates go on to obtain a college degree. 3/4 of high school seniors are not proficient in basic grammar and writing skills. America’s students rank 25 out of 27 in math. This isn’t the fault of the government. This isn’t the fault of the schools. This isn’t the fault of the teachers. This is the fault of ignorance. In order to be our very best, we have to push ourselves beyond what we know is possible. We have to strive to be the change. Parents need to address this with their children at young ages, motivate them and be their teammate for success.

National School Choice Week will take place January 26-February 1, 2014. Learn more and get involved. You have a choice. And this choice matters!

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