Blogging Awards: The Super Sweet Blogger Award


Cupcake4This post is Day 15 for National Blog Posting Month on Blogher.

Oh geeze… My sincerest apologies to the lovely Shannon from A Game of Diapers who nominated me for this award. I started a draft to accept said award and it in turn got buried underneath loads of other ideas for post. I feel quite ashamed as I was nominated WAY back in JULY. Ooops.

Most people would just move it to the trash at this point and keep on trucking along but I want to definitely give Shannon the shout-out because she deserves it and I’m quite honored she thought of me for this award. Go check out her blog, so many fun stories about her twins and older singleton PLUS lots of thought provoking parenting topics. Good stuff.


I will not be passing this award along as I’ve done in the past but I will definitely answer the super sweet questions about myself to make up for it.

1. Cookies or Cake? I definitely prefer cookies. I don’t normally like the airiness of cakes and I don’t like icing at all.

2. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate. Without a doubt. I cannot stand the smell of vanilla scented things. I’ll use it in baking and I don’t mind plain vanilla ice cream but in general, CHOCOLATE!

3. Favorite Sweet Treat: Homemade ice cream with sunflower kernels, shredded coconut and organic chocolate syrup on top.

4. When Do You Crave Sweet Things the Most? Um? Pregnancy? LOL. I don’t normally have sweet cravings. Because of my adrenal fatigue, I am almost constantly craving salt. That’s probably why I often add salted things to my ice cream. ha!

5. Sweet Nick Name: Heather Belle. It’s been my nickname my entire life. It’s quite ironic considering my married name now… but you’ll just have to ponder that one if you don’t know me in real life. I suppose we will call it fate (even though I don’t believe in it.)

Since I didn’t make any nominations, how about everyone play along? What would the answers be to your sweet questions? 


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