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This isn’t exactly a topic full of sunshine and roses but it’s one you need to read about. Life insurance. And while I could go into extreme detail about life insurance for yourself and your partner, that’s not what today is about. We are talking life insurance for your children.

No one wants to think about kids dying. It is never expected, always tragic. It leaves us hugging our little ones as tight as possible, praying to every God we know of to make sure it never happens to us. But it still happens.

There aren’t a lot of sources for help when a child dies. I know this because a blogging friend found it out the hard way. And by hard way I mean her four month old son passed away suddenly and unexpectedly of SIDS. It should never take a loss to figure out how unprepared you are but that’s what happened.

I was eating breakfast, scanning my Facebook wall like any other Saturday morning. My baby girl was close by, playing quietly. And then I saw it. Her post in all caps. The profanity. The pleas. My stomach immediately dropped and I couldn’t swallow the large pill now sitting on my throat. The pain I felt that morning will never, ever, ever come close to what this mom felt or still feels but it was enough to make my mind start churning.

What would I do? How would I work? Who would pay for the funeral? Do babies even have funerals? Would my husband still have to work? Would we be that family that loses our house because of medical bills and death expenses? How much does therapy cost? … And the thoughts went on and on.

Money will not bring your child back. Just like any other life insurance policy. It’s NOT about the money. No one (okay maybe really deceitful people) takes out a life insurance policy hoping one day they get rich. The money is simply to cover the unknown. To be there. Because when everything else in the world comes crashing down (as I can only imagine it feels like) there has to be something that still keeps going. The bills don’t stop collecting when a child dies. Your job doesn’t freeze in time.

That same March day I received a brochure in the mail for the Gerber Life Grow-up Plan – Child Life Insurance. I’d thrown away at least a dozen of them already at this point. Why would I waste the money on this? I thought. Babies don’t really die so surprisingly. I thought. That kind of tragedy will never happen to me. I was naïve as I threw away every single one of those brochures. But not that day. That day I immediately filled it out for more information and a quote. Because I couldn’t be naïve anymore.

After much research, I found the Gerber Life Grow-up Plan – Child Life Insurance to be extremely beneficial. The price per month is extremely affordable and my mind is at peace knowing that one tiny little detail is at least taken care of if anything goes horribly wrong. I have three policies, one on each daughter and I encourage you all to look into doing the same for your children. You can read the website for more information but just to cover a few basics:

  • Your coverage automatically doubles when the child turns 18. Your premium stays the same.
  • You can lock in an incredibly low rate for your child. Plans can be issued even for infants before their first birthday. The younger you start the plan for your child, the lower the cost, so don’t keep putting it off. Also, if you sign up for automatic payment you can get an even lower rate.
  • Comes with guaranteed coverage as an adult with an option to increase up to 10x the amount of the original policy. No health exams. No occupational questions. When other companies are declining issuing new policies, this one is still guaranteed. (As long as you’ve held the plan for the child, it converts to an adult policy at age 21.)
  • Converts to a college savings plan. As long as you pay on time every month and consistently keep the policy, all of your premiums paid earn interest and become a cash value account for college tuition.

What do you say? Trust me, it’s worth it.

Free Child Safety ID Kit when You Apply!

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