Bloggers Overthink Too Much… A Funny Story About the Invisible Bike Helmet


overprotectiveThis post is Day 22 for National Blog Posting Month on Blogher.

Have you seen the post/video going around about the new invention out of Sweden? It seems to be making it’s rounds around parenting boards even though I really don’t think it’s target market is kids. Lots of parents though have been getting a good giggle out of it as a way to protect their forever falling down kids.

You’re intrigued aren’t you? Watch the video if you haven’t already and then come back.

I can’t remember how many times this post popped up in my blog readers and Facebook newsfeed before I finally read it but either way, my father-in-law emailed it to Princess Daddy and me so I finally took a look.

Much to my surprise, the blog was really, actually about an invisible helmet! This might sound like a strange revelation considering the title of the post and what not (“Swedes Develop Invisible Bike Helmet”) but based on the way different parenting sites were sharing it with their own introductions, I thought for sure that this post was actually about some newfound way to be an overprotective parent.

Are you still following me? I am laughing now and Princess Daddy laughed with me too when I revealed it to him. When I see post titles that seem slightly controversial, I normally avoid them. Lord knows I don’t need more stress in my life. So I truly, honestly thought this post was going to be a parenting trend. I am not one of those helicopter parents. I am definitely very aware of what they are doing and who they are with but if they pick up a cheerio off the ground, I let it slide. If they look like they are going to fall off a low ladder, I let them learn. Playing (and sometimes getting hurt) is part of being a kid. That’s how the develop! So yes, I thought the invisible helmet was a new form of helicoptering.

That’s clearly the blogger brain in me. LOL.

Have you ever misinterpreted a post title? Share your story.

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