#NaBloPoMo is… DONE! A Recap of 30 Days


BlogCan you believe I actually managed to have a post every single day for 30 days? It’s been hard. Hard in the good way though. I am actually sitting here a week before this post will be scheduled putting this together. That’s the best part. This challenge has taught me so much about time management and where I can pull focus from to get things done.

Who knew that coming of age maturity was part of a fun little blogging challenge? ha!

So in case you missed the whirlwind of posts over the last 30 days, here’s a recap with all my links:

  1. Stretching My Mind: #NaBloPoMo Sponsored by @BlogHer
  2. A Year of Running #10korbust
  3. Blogs I Read
  4. Letters From Santa: Help a Local NICU
  5. Green Ketchup and Why What Your Food LOOKS Like Shouldn’t Matter
  6. Product Review: Pop Chef by Idea Village
  7. Bzzagent Product Reviews: GoDaddy.com
  8. #Movember #NoShaveNovember
  9. Guilty Pleasures: My Favorite TV Shows
  10. Cooking at Home is Cheaper, Seriously!
  11. When In Doubt, YOGA, Baby! Or Is It Baby Yoga?
  12. Teaching Our Children: You Have a CHOICE
  13. Myths About Gluten
  14. The Twelve Pins of Christmas: A DIY Challenge
  15. Blogging Awards: The Super Sweet Blogger Award
  16. #MommyConKC Spotlight: January Harshe from Birth Without Fear
  17. Protect Your Child’s Future
  18. Review: Reusable Cloth Pads via Pampered Mama
  19. 30 Things: Topic #8: List 5 of Your Life Passions
  20. An Update on Our Magical Unicorn Fridge
  21. Exercise and Marriage: When Fitness Causes Resentment
  22. Bloggers Overthink Too Much… A Funny Story About the Invisible Bike Helmet
  23. Product Review: Electric Diffuser from Mountain Rose Herbs
  24. On the First Pin of Christmas, Princess Mommy Gave to Me… A DIY After Shower Spray
  25. 30 Things: Topic #9: 10 People Who Have Influenced Your Life
  26. Pre-Turkey Day #SigningTime SALE
  27. #WordlessWednesday #BlastfromthePast #NICU #Santa
  28. K5 Learning – Blogger Opportunity
  29. #SigningTime #BlackFriday Weekend SALE
  30. #NaBloPoMo is… DONE! A Recap of 30 Days

If any of the links don’t work, please let me know. WordPress was being a little bit of a pain while I typed this up.


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