Learn to Use the Cruise Control


fast-pacedAs I was driving down the highway a few weekends ago, I realized people were flying past me. It was 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning. The skies were sunny and bright blue. The weather was pleasant for a cold fall day. My cruise control was set about 4 mph over the speed limit and still, people are swerving and passing me like there was an emergency. Not just a car here or there, literally everyone. I was in the slow lane even!

It really made me wonder. What exactly happened in life that we are always in such a hurry? Everything we do has to be on a schedule. Come to work on time. See the doctor by appointment. Meetings at 9. Dinner at 6. Don’t we ever just do what feels natural? Trust me, I get that there needs to be some order in life but are we really so obsessed with order that we can’t just slow down and enjoy the drive a little bit?

Just a little food for thought for you as we go into the Christmas holidays. Take an extra minute to hug your loved ones. Build in some time to really smell the roses as they say. Don’t be in such a hurry to get there and get it over with because you might just miss the surprise in the middle.

Happy Holidays!

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