A Perfect #DIY Toy for Any Age: Homemade Shape Sorter


MOmmyBlogFBEarlier this month, I posted the instructions for making your own shape sorter for your kids as a guest post over at Mommy Hot Spot. The project is easy. It’s fun. And most importantly, it’s completely free because you use just the items you have in your home already ready to be recycled. Make sure you head over to check out my guest post for all the details. Here’s a sneak peak:

Our educator always comes with fun activities for us to do. The best part is each visit also comes with an instruction sheet on how to make the activities ourselves with recycled things from around our house. I love this concept because as a one income family with three small children we don’t always have the resources to dedicate to a lot of new toys.

The activity I’m going to share was a HUGE hit in our house for both age groups (toddler and pre-K).

Have you ever MADE toys with your kids? Share your ideas with our family.

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