Product Review: The MicroTouch Switchblade


20140107-075739.jpgI was contacted by to receive the product for free in exchange for a review, I jumped on the chance.

Princess Daddy first used the MicroTouch Switchblade in early December after growing his beard out for No-Shave November. He normally stays kissable clean-shaven but for this one month I tolerated the grown out look. Finally, we’d both had enough and family pictures were coming up so we tested out this new product.



The first use was great. He was impressed by how smooth it was, not catching or pulling hairs. It made it through his thick beard nearly effortlessly. The design and shape of the blade and trimmer made it easy to get a variety of different facial hair looks which made for an evening full of laughter.

Nearly a month later after using only a few times a week for touch ups if that, unfortunately, the trimmer part has already stopped working. It doesn’t seem to be an issue with the batteries as the other half of the product still works. It might be hair built up but it’s been cleaned every way possible without completely dissembling it. Had we purchased the item in a store, it would be well within the return policy so we’d exchange it to try again but since we got this one free to try, we will have to just leave the review as is.





I never like writing bad reviews because the product was really cool and useful at first. I hope ours was just faulty. I can’t give my full recommendation for this one but will say it’s worth trying if you can with nothing to lose. Keep your receipts and be aware of the return policy.


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