A #babywearing Journey: Looking Back at All My Carriers and Carrying Styles


20140103-192517.jpgI have been wanting to compile this post for a long time. It’s been in my drafts for months. So much of my heart and soul is in this topic: babywearing. I will happily post how-to’s and give advice and answer any questions you may have but for this post is for me, a mom who has worn her babies (who aren’t really babies anymore at all) for nearly five years now. I get strange looks and a lot of comments but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Nothing feels better to me than having my loves so close and warm and safe. And even Princess Daddy will agree, babywearing is extremely practical and convenient.

So here it is… My story in pictures… Half a decade of babywearing:

Homemade stretchy wrap with orange colored jersey cotton. Mom, age 23. Orange, age 6 weeks.


Chicco “crotch dangler” in front, mom facing hold. Mom, age 24. Orange, age 4 months.


Chicco “crotch dangler” in back, dad facing carry. Dad, age 26. Orange, age 14 months.


Moby organic cotton tandem kangaroo. Mom, age 26. Pink and Purple, age 4 weeks.


Infantino Union Ergonomic carrier. Dad, age 28. Pink (in carrier), age 5 months.


Infantino Union Ergonomic carrier x 2. Mom, age 26. Pink and Purple, age 8 months


Moby organic front cross carry. Mom, age 27. Purple (in carrier), age 12 months.


Babyette gauze woven wrap size 6 in back wrap cross carry AND Moby organic in front carry. Mom, age 27. Pink and Purple, age 15 months.


Babyette gauze woven size 6 in back wrap cross carry. Mom, age 27. Purple, age 16 months.


Babyette gauze woven size 6 in forward cross carry. Mom, age 27. Pink, age 16 months.


Infantion Union Ergonomic carrier AND homemade gauze size 3. Mom, age 27. Pink and Purple, age 17 months.


Infantino Union Ergonomic carrier AND Baby Trend Navigator double jogging stroller (yes, we use strollers regularly too!) Mom, age 27. Purple (in carrier), age 19 months. Orange, age 4. (I note this because yes, my 4 year old still sits in the stroller from time to time and no, this doesn’t make us lazy parents or her a lazy child.)


Homemade gauze size 3 in hip carry. Mom, age 27. Pink, age 20 months.


Babyhawk Oh Mei. (No carrier is being used on front but because of the carrier use, Princess Daddy’s hands were free to hold Orange, too tired from a long, hot walk.) Dad, age 29. Pink (in carrier, age 21 months.) Orange, age 4.


Babyhawk Oh Snap on back AND Babyhawk Oh Mei on front. Mom, age 28. Pink and Purple, age 23 months.


Homemade gauze size 3 in backward cross carry with chest belt. Mom, age 28. Pink and Purple, age 23 months.


Babyhawk Oh Snap on back AND Babyhawk Oh Mei on front. Mom, age 28. Orange, age 4. Purple (in carrier), age 23 months.


Kid friendly Mei Tai and front carrier. Orange, age 4. Baby Hannah and Baby Sarah, no age.


Babyhawk Oh Mei on back. Mom, age 28. Orange, age 4.


Tablecloth ring sling. Mom, age 28. Pink, age 25 months.


So what’s next for the Princess family? Much more of this! Pink and Purple are two years old now and we still wear them all the time. They love to explore and walk like big girls and trust me, they get plenty of time to do so but they get so excited when we offer to carry them or wrap them. Looking back at that first day I wrapped up Orange in my faux Moby wrap, we went for a walk around the neighborhood. I felt so confident knowing my brand new baby girl was in the one place I could keep her safest.

Babywearing does so much for me. I wear my girls now more than I ever did before. It makes my life so much easier. It makes me happy. It makes my kids happy. And this is us… a babywearing family for life.


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  1. Wow to go mama. I love to baby wear i just dont feel strong enough. I have mei tai and two ergos. V doesnt like it so much. Hes such a good walker.
    The next baby i will wear alot more im sure.

    • Bummer that he doesn’t like it more. He’s built quite like a football player though and you are so tiny. Lol. I can see why it may not be the best. I bet the new baby will enjoy it more purely because you’ll force him/her too to have your hands free. Heehee.

  2. I loved this post! I have been fascinated by babywearing ever since I first heard of it. I definitely want to do this with my own kiddos!

    I remember that first pic when O was just a baby. I think it was you who said you wore her to some event right after she was born so that way people wouldn’t ask to hold her and spread germs. I remember thinking that was such a great idea. 🙂

  3. My back is so sore right now It hurts just looking at you double carrying!
    So, did you have a favorite? And which do you think is the fastest to throw on, say to go in the grocery or hardware store or some other quick errand that doesn’t lend itself to just holding/ letting them walk?

    • If you end up liking the Infantino Mei Tai that you have, then the Babyhawk Oh Mei would be my top recommendation. If the long straps get annoying, they make a soft structure carrier (SSC) is the way to go. The Infantino Union run$25-30 and works great to get an idea if you like that style. It’s Ergonomical and adjustable so both you and Uncle Brown(? Lol) can use it at different times and get a good fit. Then there are expensive versions too that are more customizable and better for heavier babes and toddlers down the road.

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