Product Review: Ice Cream Magic


20140107-081544.jpgI was contacted by to receive the product for free in exchange for a review, I jumped on the chance.

This product was quite a lot of fun. We’ve been making our own ice cream with the KitchenAid Ice Cream Mixer attachment for quite some time so we love the homemade taste. That is a 2 day process though to make a full batch and sometimes, we need something FAST.

Along comes the Ice Cream Magic on my radar. The concept is very cool. (Pun intended.) The design is fun. Kids love this. Is it great for adults? Well. Not quite. The portion you get after all is said and done is quite small, maybe 1/3 a cup at most. It’s creamy, delicious and cold. But just when you start feeling all good inside from your decadent treat, it’s gone.

20140107-081404.jpgFor kids though, it’s perfect. Orange, my 4 1/2-year-old actually thinks it’s magic.

The product is sturdy. I definitely recommend this one for family fun. Just know if you have more than one kid, you’ll want more than one cup to save your kitchen from the fights!

**We actually went out and bought the cheap iodized type salt just for use in the Ice Cream Magic. Our family only uses whole, all natural, Celtic and Himalayan sea salts in our efforts to eat clean foods only. These are more expensive and when needing such a large amount to make the magic happen, we didn’t want to waste the good stuff. The salt is not in the ice cream recipe but instead used in the cooling process.


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