National School Choice Week Family Night






20140113-194156.jpgNational School Choice Week is coming up QUICKLY… January 26 – Feb 1. I’ve been actively sharing links on my social media pages on how everyone can get involved so be sure to check me out on Twitter and Facebook.

Recently, I received a complimentary kit to host a family night to help out with the initiate. The idea is that every family has the right to pick the education system that will work best for them. One size does not fit all when it comes to imparting knowledge on today’s youth. To see more about how I feel on this topic, be sure to check out my previous post, “Teaching Our Children: You Have a CHOICE

Here’s a few pictures from our event:

Pink and Purple didn’t exactly get the ideas of the scarves:







Breaking out the decorations:



I hope you will all get involved in this rally as well. Host your own family night or push for an event to be held with your local schooling organizations whether it’s your home school group or an assembly at your child’s public or private school. It’s not too late. Act fast.

Interested in hosting an event on a larger scale? Event kits are available for you as well. 


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