Marriage Post Kids: Free Date Nights


20140117-141828.jpgIf there is one thing I’ve learned in seven years of marriage, it’s that love may come naturally but being married doesn’t. This isn’t to say that marriage is hard but it certainly isn’t easy either. And then there’s marriage post kids. Parents must find the time to take care of themselves both individually and as a couple.

Dating your spouse is a recent trending topic. I absolutely love the idea. Dates with Princess Daddy are cherished. We even have a separate checking account specifically devoted to saving up extra money here and there for dates so we have one less thing to stress about when we go out for a fancy dinner. But when it really comes down to business, our dates are only every couple of months and half the time we can’t agree on what to do or where to go so we are scrambling and end up in the same old place.

Here’s a fun concept though. Try dating your spouse for FREE (or very little). Don’t worry about a babysitter. Don’t worry about planning. Set one night a week to have a movie date at home. Put the kids to bed, spritz the cologne and perfume. Put on something sexy (and comfortable. Yes, they can go together!) Cuddle up on the couch and unplug. Don’t forget some homemade popcorn.

Having trouble picking a movie? Try using a list from the American Film Institute or a classic Oscar-winning Best Picture from the past. There are literally hundreds of movies on these lists. If you don’t think you’ll be able to agree, go in order from oldest to newest or from 100 to 1. Use a hat or random generator to pick a number that assigns the movie for you. If the movie it boring? Well, be into EACH OTHER instead. If the movie is great, pause it and have an intellectual conversation with the one you love. And if you fall asleep? At least you are romantically in each others’ arms. (Because yes, this has happened to us before to.)

Not sure where to get the movies from? Try your local library or RedBox. If you have a Netflix or Amazon Instant subscription, this is a great time to put your money to good use.

Not only will you get the chance to rekindle your love with your spouse but you’ll get the chance to really embrace some cultural icons.

Tonight, Princess Daddy and I are watching “Wings,” a silent film from 1927. Now there’s an experience we surely won’t forget.

Do you date your spouse? What are some fun ideas you use to keep your love alive post kids?


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