#TenThoughtsTuesday … I’m Baaaaccckkkk!


Ten Thoughts Tuesday1. I may one day type up a whole post about following my dreams and why I decided to come back to WordPress instead of owning my own domain and flying free but for now, this will simply have to serve as your official notice. I’m back.

2. You can expect anywhere from 0-7 posts per week from me. Those are the kind of promises I make to readers.

3. I’ve been blogging for YEARS. I think I can officially even say a decade. Blogging is for me. It got complicated somewhere in the schpeal of trying to make money. I still doing freelance writing though. I don’t exactly count those as mutually exclusive in any way.

4. I have an acupuncture appointment this evening and I am SO glad for that. I absolutely love the restored feeling I get. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to truly relax the way I can when I am melted into the table there. The needles don’t bother me. And the restrictive nature of not being able to move has grounded me so much into really just allowing my body to rest. It’s magical.

5. We are down to 6 1/2 more weeks of school. I am tired. I am ready for summer. Orange starts Kindergarten next fall. (I guess I’ll have to change my header.) I really want this summer to mean something to her. I know it will fly by but I want it to be special because going to school 5 days a week, all day, each day, not having lunch with me, not having quiet time with me, that’s a HUGE change. I’m emotional about it already.

6. Last year I officially completed 1 5k race, 2 team biathlons (5 mile runs each) and 1 10k race. This year I have some ambitious goals. I am running a 10k in May, a 5k in June, completing both parts of the biathlon I previously only ran for (5 mile run, 20 mile bike ride) in August, a 1/2 marathon in October and likely another 10k in November. I very well may do a few other races too. I love the motivation competing in a race gives me. Having something to train for gets me off my couch!

7. Through blogging I have signed up for numerous communities. It became way too overwhelming so I’ve deactivated many of my accounts. The few that remain have widgets on my side bar. I am a Bloggy Mom. I am a member and contributor for Mommy Hot Spot and I do product reviews for Influenster and BzzAgent. Everything else had to go.

8. I am closing in on 18 months till my 30th birthday. I feel like I should blog about this but hitting that age doesn’t matter much to me. I don’t really even feel like I’m in my 20’s anyway.

9. …

Well, that’s all you get today. 10 Thoughts cut short. Purple woke up early from her nap. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. So glad you are back! Glad to hear you have been able to scale back too, just being a mommy is crazy and yet we are always doing so much more than that! Also, acupuncture is a gift from heaven, I love that state of relaxation. Looking forward to more posts in the future 😊

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