30 Things: Topic #12: Describe a Typical Day for You


Over the next several months, I’ll be blogging about 30 preset topics based on this post. Check it out and take the challenge yourself. And come back often to see more blogs from me.

The Blur of a Typical Day

The Blur of a Typical Day

Shortly after Pink and Purple were born I was contacted by an acquaintance asking if I had any interest in blogging from a twin mom perspective. I had been blogging privately for years before this and since I had only recently started my new gig as a stay-at-home-mom and was desperately looking for an outlet, I gave it a try. Funny, it was basically the perfect fit for me. Two years later I still post twice a month with a wide variety of topics, recipes and rants.

My point here is that through this experience of “guest blogging” (if you even want to still call it that) I have written posts about my typical days. With three kids between the ages of 2 and 4 our days are very often filled with chaos. (Ever wonder where my blog name came from? *Hint*) This chaos seems to be a great read for others as the posts get a ton of attention. So rather than posting a whole strew of times and events again here, I’ll simply direct you to my posts on Mumbling Mommy:

A Day in the Life: My Babies are Growing Up (2014)

Life with a Preschooler and Toddling Twins (2013)

A Day In The Life Of A Mom Of Twins… Plus One (2012)


And go ahead and take a nap after you read. It’s exhausting. And at least one of us deserves to rest after all that crazy!

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