National Teacher’s Day Spotlight

Mrs. R. and Orange (May 2013)

Mrs. R. and Orange (May 2013)

In just a few short days, teachers all across the country will hopefully be getting some much-needed appreciation as our country celebrates National Teacher’s Day. If you haven’t already thought of a way to say an extra, “Thank You!” to your or your child’s teacher, you still have time. And on Tuesday, May 6th, spread the love!

This year, is hosting a campaign to really bring awareness to the awesomeness of teachers everywhere. They’ve asked participants to post stories about their favorite teachers. On National Teacher’s Day, they will select the best posts and send flowers to one of the teachers mentioned. It’s truly a wonderful way to help give back to the men and women who teach us so much as we grow up.

For my contribution, I’ve decided to share a little bit about my preschool experience with Orange. When I first enrolled her into the program, she was just barely 3 years old. With a summer birthday, she is just weeks away from the cutoff date in our state and is almost always the youngest in her class. She’s so smart though and very advanced for her age. We’ve never once doubted her ability to keep up with the older kids. Pink and Purple, our twins, were just 6 months old that first summer. I was just barely beginning to swim after drowning in postpartum depression and honestly, the only reason we enrolled Orange in school in the first place was because I needed a major break.

The first time we met Mrs. R. it was like a breath of fresh air. She is not only adorable and bubbly but she commands the attention of the room easily and has the kind of personality that most mothers dream of. She’s so patient with the children, so outgoing with her songs and games and silly voices, it was obvious very early on that we would not regret enrolling in the program at all!

Managing preschool drop offs and pick ups were a challenge. They still are. Not many of the parents have to drag along two younger siblings for those kinds of things. The experience tested me in so many ways but I grew through each and every day. Mrs. R. though didn’t even bat an eye. She fell in love with Pink and Purple just as much as she did her own students and Orange. She often held them, talked to them, redirected them and so much more while multitasking and caring for her own students while I helped settle Orange for her days at school. Every once in a while, Orange would have an IBS attack and be in the midst of a tantrum like meltdown right as school was starting and Mrs. R. never once showed any signs of frustration. She was truly my partner in this journey and helped shape and mold my young daughter into such an amazing little girl. Not only did she teach my daughter in the classroom but she had monthly home visits and always brought along fun for Orange’s little sisters too. Pink and Purple often sat on her lap and went to her like I was chopped liver.

There have been countless field trips, class parties, volunteer days, conferences and more. It will be very hard to say goodbye to this wonderful, truly, truly amazing teacher of ours. Mrs. R has been our preschool teacher for two years now. We are just 3 weeks away from the end of the school year. As a parent, I am surprised by how emotional this makes me. I’m terrified of the years to come in elementary school because Mrs. R. has set such a high standard for how truly amazing teachers can be.

In another school year, it will be time for Pink and Purple to start the preschool program. There is not a doubt in my mind that we will be requesting to be in Mrs. R.’s class again. I cannot imagine preschool any other way!

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  2. I love that there’s a day to honor our teachers. My daughter’s preschool teacher has really helped to develop her confidence and make her more comfortable with the other kids. Thanks for sharing your experience with your daughter’s teacher! BTW, I found your blog on Atlanta Mom of Three’s blog party and I’m now following you 🙂 Great to “meet” you and looking forward to reading more!

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