Writer Road Trip: Therapeutic Limit Setting Part 1


Writer Road TripLast month I compiled together some notes from a seminar I attended through Orange’s school district on Therapeutic Limit Setting. This is something we’ve started practicing in our home ever since I took the class. I am absolutely hooked. It has a very natural feel and has been correcting a lot of bad habits and unwanted behaviors while still keeping everyone happy inside the home. Is there anything better than that? The seminar was first recommended by Orange’s teacher. I have such great respect for her and this is just another reason why. This was a major game changer for us.

My notes turned into a wonderful blog post that I send over to Mumbling Mommy to publish. Mumbling Mommy features over a dozen moms that write on a variety of parenting and life experiences. There’s literally something for everyone over there so when you are finished reading my post, stay awhile and look around. 

It’s getting a lot of positive feedback and attention so you should definitely go check it out:

Therapeutic Limit Setting: Using Play Therapy at Home


Come back later this month for the second half as well! It is in progress now and I am really loving how it is turning out.


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