May Health & Fitness Challenge (Week One Complete)

May Health & Fitness Challenge (Week One Complete)

Week 1 is complete! My goals for this week were:

1. Complete 1 long run. DONE
2. Complete 1 long bike ride. DONE
3. Complete 1 yoga session. DONE
4. Complete 1 combo bike/run. DONE
5. Complete power walking video once. DONE
6. Drink more water. DONE
7. Try to limit post workout snacking. DONE

I am really excited about my progress this week. I have felt better this week than I have in a long time. Princess Daddy and I have been really supporting each other and getting control of our time management to make sure we each get our workouts in. (We did the powerwalking and yoga together after the girls went to bed.)

It’s amazing to me also how this extra energy and more positive mood has come across in other aspects of our lives. The house is staying cleaner. Our patience is more apparent. Things are just… Happier!

This weeks goals are going to be very similar. Next weekend we are running in our second 10k which will take the place of a long run. I am going to only plan for a short bike ride instead of long this week so I am race ready. And same for bike/run combo. I’ll skip that for an extra day of yoga 🙂


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