Guest Post: Effective Ways to Enhance Your Child’s Self Esteem


by Erika Schmidt

SelfEsteemI can’t” is a statement that signals low self-esteem. If you happen to hear this coming from your child’s mouth, it is a sign that he might have low self-confidence.

This is not just a minor issue. It is something that, if not corrected, may lead to the child’s inability to do what he is potentially capable of doing.

As a parent, it is our duty to give our child a self-esteem boost, especially if he or she is not quite confident at school. Here are four effective ways to enhance your child’s self-esteem.

Give positive comments

We know that children need positive feedback for their little accomplishments. Complimenting their drawings or their writing outputs would make them feel appreciated. But more importantly, commenting on the process – the amount of effort and discipline it took them to finish the task or project – will enhance their self-esteem. No matter how small these achievements are, the experience of success after trying (and refusing to give up) can build their confidence.

Don’t compare your child to other children

“Why can’t you be like that kid?” is a seemingly innocent question but it leaves a long-lasting impression and tarnishes the child’s self-esteem. Not only will this make your child feel insecure, it will also cause him to rebel and ask back: “Why can’t you stop comparing me to someone else?”. There may be some children who can perform better than your kid but it is never helpful to compare them. Instead, be a motivator by realizing what makes your child amazingly unique and uplift that part of him.

Show affection to your child

Love and affection are both important for the young because these are the initial feelings they need to experience while discovering their sense of worth. As a child, they measure their worth by how much love they get. When you shower them your love and care, they start feeling secure and confident.

Allow your child to experience failure

The earlier your child makes mistakes, the earlier he can learn his lessons. He needs to make these mistakes in order to understand how real world works. As your kid keeps trying his best, he is learning about self-confidence and slowly but strongly building it. Somehow, it is through failure that a child learns to grow and increase his self-esteem by making up for or overcoming them.

Every child needs the confidence to make learning easier in preschool. As a parent, it is not easy to raise a child with low self-esteem. That’s why as early as now and little by little, apply these four tips to enhance your child’s confidence.


This guest post was submitted by Erika Schmidt from Authority Specialists without compensation. Our Magical Chaos is not liable for any content provided in the post including but not limited to the words, images or links used.


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  1. Great post! These are important things to remember, for sure! Especially keeping in mind not to compare a child, whether it’s a neighbor’s child, one of your other children, or a niece/nephew – no child deserves to be compared because we’re all individuals and unique!! 🙂

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