Not All Play-dates are Created Equal



I was actually shocked by their [short-lasting] bravery

We’ve lived in our new home (I swear I’m going to blog about this more specifically soon) just under 3 weeks now. We didn’t have a ton of friends at our old house but we did have some local themed Facebook groups that gave us ideas for places to go.

Conversing with other moms while keeping an eye on my running-in-opposite-direction-twins is near impossible so most of our play-dates include me smiling politely at the other moms while their kids play nicely and my kids running in every direction like they’ve never left the house. We also have the fun dynamic of twin-dom which is like having a super secret club only identical look-a-likes can join. “You didn’t come from my mommy’s uterus, you can’t play with me,” seems to be their mantra.

Nonetheless I continue making the effort because one day they will in fact need to socialize with someone other than me or each other. I found a group of local moms on I really like this website because it’s not on Facebook and because it has an app. It’s a nice size group that is monitored for trolls and active participation and the moms seem very friendly and like-minded.

Today we tried out Jump4Fun. It was about a 20 minute drive (which I didn’t realize until after we were on our way. Oops.) The place itself wasn’t bad at all. It wasn’t crowded and most of the kids there were similar in age and milestones. Orange would have absolutely loved it. We’ve been to a place similar before for a birthday party and she enjoyed every minute. Those inflatable things and bounce houses are just amazing in the eyes of a child. (I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also enjoy them!) I thought for sure Pink and Purple would quickly fall in love like the rest of the universe but alas, they once again proved me wrong. They spent the entire hour we were there running on the carpet. They did attempt the large slide one time each and the pure look of terror sliding down was enough for me to know they were done. The facility didn’t allow adults on the equipment unless they were “saving” a child. This was frustrating for me because I know if I could have just played WITH my kids, they would have had a blast and I wouldn’t have wasted the $10. Oh well, lesson learned.

So today was a play-date fail but you know, not all play-dates are created equal. There is fun out there waiting for us. We just have to keep on hunting for it.


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  1. Really? They don’t allow adults in those bouncy things? We’ve been to a few of those Bounce House places, and they’ve always allowed the parents in there as long as they were there to be with the kids instead of playing too rough. That place you went to must’ve had some liability issues to deal with.

  2. It’s interesting how something we think would be fun ends up too much for our kids. I wish you good luck on your hunt for fun things to do. Thank you for the post!

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