Product Review: Nani Kalani Clothing

Picture Day!

Picture Day!

Who has a daughter out there? As you all know, I have three of them. Girls. My little ladies are runners, climbers, and diggers. Their favorite place to play is outside. They are true and true tom boys. But oh lord, let me tell you about their love for dresses! These ladies. I tell you.

Okay, so my point… a fellow momma friend shared a status on Facebook (before I left) that caught my attention. It was a blogging opportunity to do a product review for clothing for little girls. Since I thought I was obviously perfect for the opportunity, I contacted Melissa and she agreed with me! It took about 3 weeks total from the time that I first made contact till I received my samples. Here’s the full scoop:

Company Name: Nani Kalani Clothing. You can find information about the store on their Facebook page as well as their website. The clothing style is advertised as, “cute, whimsical, fun and fresh clothing. Where tradition meets sassy.” The selection includes tops, bottoms, skirts, dresses, and accessories. Melissa has years of experience but has not officially been in business long.

Customer Service: I only dealt with Melissa, mostly through Facebook. Messaging back and forth with her was just like chatting with a friend. She was extremely helpful, complimentary, and kind. I had no issues whatsoever.

Before School (Cold and Rainy Day)

Before School (Cold and Rainy Day) 


After a Full Day of Kindergarten

After a Full Day of Kindergarten

Sizing: One of the biggest things people want to know when it comes to handmade clothing is how true to size the clothing runs. I was given two pieces of clothing to try, a dress and a pair of ruffle capri pants. Melissa shared her sizing chart with me (which is also available on her website but unfortunately not mobile friendly). Orange is 5 years old, 42 lbs and 46″ tall. She wears a size 6/6x in most brands and can still fit a few 5t outfits for the summer. (She needs the 6’s for length though!) I selected the size 6 from Nani Kalani. The pieces fit perfectly. They did shrink just slightly but still will give her a little bit of room to grow.

Shipped with Care

Shipped with Care

Quality: I was very impressed by the quality. The stitching is straight and seems just as secure as the factory made outfits we are used to. In fact, these pieces are quite a bit better in my opinion that the regular stuff you get at Target.

Price:  I received my pieces complimentary in exchange for writing a review and promoting the company but I did compare the prices to other handmade girl’s clothing found in shops on Etsy. Nani Kalani is comparable and reasonable.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this company and the clothing line available. The clothing is absolutely adorable. The pattern combinations are smart and bold. The designs are unique. Orange was thrilled when her items arrived in the mail. It just so happened that she brought home picture day information from kindergarten the very same day and the decision was almost immediate. She wore her dress and capri pants together as an outfit for picture day. She received multiple compliments and the results are just amazing. I am 100% satisfied. Please go visit Melissa with Nani Kalani Clothing and let her know Heather from Our Magical Chaos sent you!


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