I’m Not a TWIN Mom, I’m Just a Mom


just me and my momLabels. Society is obsessed with labels. More often than anything these days, my label is “twin mom.” I owned it and used it often. I mean, I do have twins. But labels really aren’t helping us any, are they? What does that even mean to be a twin mom? Does it make me more exciting than other moms? Does it mean my life is harder or more blessed or completely insane? (By the way, it doesn’t mean any of those things…)

This morning I was walking to the library, pushing my double stroller with Pink and Purple inside and yes, they are twins but honestly, they have no idea. They are of the assumption that every other child has a sister or brother or friend or whatever. They play. They fight. They think that Orange is one of them just the same. If you ask them if they look like each other, they laugh and think you are crazy. So here I am walking. I do a lot of thinking when I walk so I’m walking and thinking. Thinking and walking. And right then, it occurs to me, I’m not a twin mom. I’m just a mom. Just like every other woman who has children whether they came out one at a time, two at a time or from someone else’s uterus altogether. I’m Orange’s mom too. I’m the mom of any future children we may or may not have whether it be a single child each pregnancy or six kids in one pregnancy. If I have triplets next do I become a triplets mom and no longer a twin mom? No. I’m just a mom.

I’m not a stay-at-home mom or a work-from-home mom or a young mom or a kindergarten mom or a twin mom or a married mom or an American mom… I’m just a MOM. Those are part of me, hats I wear maybe. My trials are different from other labels, sure, but in the end my verdict is the same as everyone else with “mom” in their job title: I do the best for my kids. I take care of my kids. I love my kids.

Go for a walk and ponder this idea for yourself. Just be a mom.


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  1. YES!! I feel the same way. I am not into labels at all. My kids don’t attend school but I’m not a homeschooling mom. I don’t work outside the home, but I’m not a stay at home mom. I have children, so I am a mother. I LOVE my kids. Isn’t that enough?

  2. I do a lot of my thinking in the shower. It’s one time when I am actually still and don’t have anything else to think about. Except, I usually end up thinking about school things and making mental lesson plans. Lol.

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