Product Review: Mobidri Towel (And a Half Marathon Recap)

The Mobidri Stays Tucked Away, No Problem

The Mobidri Stays Tucked Away, No Problem

This past weekend I checked off a major goal, I ran a half marathon! I added this to my list of accomplishments I wanted to have before turning 30 but really, it was about accomplishing it for me. Even if I didn’t make it before 30 for some reason, I still wanted to do that run.

I wrote all about my race on Mumbling Mommy in a post titled Dear Fibromyalgia, I Won!

I’ve talked about my running gear before but for this post, I want to talk about a new addition to my lineup, the Mobidri towel. If you don’t know already, the Mobidri towel is “highly technical, water-resistant on the inner, super absorbent on the outer, thin, lightweight and designed to stay with you.” So it’s a sweat rag, right? That’s what I thought at first too. And then I spent 14 weeks of training with it. This is NOT your average sweat rag. 

What I Like About the Mobidri: 

  • It is seriously lightweight. I tuck my towel into the belt of my hydration pack and I completely forget it is there. The last thing anyone wants while running (or working out in any way) is to feel heavier. The people at Mobidri definitely got this part right.
  • It is SO soft. One of my favorite uses for my Mobidri is to blow my nose. Gross, right? But listen, I trained in the Midwest from January to April. The average temperature was, I don’t know, like 30 degrees. You go ahead and try to run without having your nose run too. Just trust me on this one without going into extreme detail. The towel just absorbs what I blew out and the next time I needed to use it, it was like magically clean again. What? Oh, but soft, NO chapped skin whatsoever on my poor schnoz.
  • Yeah, so the absorbency. I wiped my sweat. I blew my nose. And then on half marathon day, less than 1 mile into the race, it started RAINING. Luckily, it didn’t last long but I was so thankful to have this towel to quickly pat dry off, clean off my sunglasses (streak free too, woohoo) and keep going without delay. By the end of the race, sweat was just everywhere, my ears being the most troublesome. My ear buds kept slipping out. Ugh. So I easily grabbed my Mobidri, wiped away the sweat and continued to enjoy my tunes.

What I Don’t Like About the Mobidri:

  • I haven’t decided yet on the value. I LOVED having this towel as part of my running gear and I will most definitely continue using it but I just don’t know if I personally would buy one new if I didn’t already have it. Prior to having the towel, I just used a sleeve of my shirt or something. It wasn’t ideal but it worked and it was free so to speak. So do I NEED a Mobidri? No. This is definitely just a luxury item. (Don’t get my wrong, I still highly recommend it.)
  • I like a little color in my life. My compression sleeves are bright orange. My favorite running shirt is neon yellow. My shoes are red. My hydration pack is pink and teal. I love having colorful running gear. The Mobidri is a boring gray. I guess if this is the only thing I can really come up with for a complaint, we aren’t too bad off. Just a suggestion for the future of the company though. Runners like color. (At least all the runners I know do!)

What do you think? Have you used a Mobidri towel before? Do you think you’ll splurge on one and take me on my word that it’s awesome?

For more information, visit Mobidri’s website or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

I received a sample of this product for free but all opinions are still my own.


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