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Product Review: Mobidri Towel (And a Half Marathon Recap)

The Mobidri Stays Tucked Away, No Problem

The Mobidri Stays Tucked Away, No Problem

This past weekend I checked off a major goal, I ran a half marathon! I added this to my list of accomplishments I wanted to have before turning 30 but really, it was about accomplishing it for me. Even if I didn’t make it before 30 for some reason, I still wanted to do that run.

I wrote all about my race on Mumbling Mommy in a post titled Dear Fibromyalgia, I Won!

I’ve talked about my running gear before but for this post, I want to talk about a new addition to my lineup, the Mobidri towel. If you don’t know already, the Mobidri towel is “highly technical, water-resistant on the inner, super absorbent on the outer, thin, lightweight and designed to stay with you.” So it’s a sweat rag, right? That’s what I thought at first too. And then I spent 14 weeks of training with it. This is NOT your average sweat rag.  Read the rest of this entry


e-Cloth GIVEAWAY: The Winner Has Been Chosen


eclothCongratulations to Katie Henderson who was picked via random generator. Katie has already supplied her information and should be receiving her FREE 8 Piece Home Cleaning Kit from e-Cloth soon. I look forward to hearing what she has to say about her new products.

If you missed this opportunity, don’t fret. You can sign up at e-Cloth’s website to be notified about upcoming promotions and coupons.

Not sure what e-Cloth is? Check out the review I posted.

Thank you to everyone for participating and sharing.

Product Review: e-cloth (Chemical Free Cleaning)… And a GIVEAWAY!


eclothFor the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of reviewing a product called e-cloths. These cloths enable users to clean virtually any aspect of their homes without chemicals. I jumped at the chance to test these puppies out after hearing that tidbit for sure.

Here are a few details from e-cloth’s website:

“Unlike ordinary cloths, e-cloth fibers are designed and fabricated to provide maximum cleaning power.  Primarily made from polyester and poly amide, the tiny e-cloth fibers are 1,000 times finer than cotton fibers or 1/200th diameter of a human hair.  The fibers are the smallest in the world that can be made by man.

e-cloth’s filaments are so small and so strong; using just water they break up, lift, lock in, and clean deep down into the tiniest grooves and crevices.  Dust, grease, oils, grime, dirt and bacteria are quickly and easily removed and locked away deep inside the fibers until the cloths are rinsed or washed.

Surfaces are cleaned so effectively that there is nowhere left for bacteria to grow.  Surfaces are left polished and totally smear and lint free.  e-cloths rapidly absorb 7 times their weight in water.

In addition, scientific research carried out by world-renowned Silliker Group, has proven that e-cloths also remove over 99% of bacteria.”

Read the rest of this entry

5 Tips to Remove Plastics from Your Life in a Plastic Obsessed World

Photo from Creative Commons Search

Photo from Creative Commons Search

This summer before having any clue about just how severe my medical issues were, I got the results of a basic hormone screening from my gynecologist. He’s a good guy but being told yet again that “everything is normal” when everything was very, very much NOT normal was extremely infuriating. I never advocate for using the internet to diagnose problems but with my range of symptoms, there was no way that it was all in my head. I knew something had to be wrong somewhere and I wasn’t giving up my fight yet to figure out what. I took to my trusty Bing search and tried to find ANYTHING that could explain. I came across a wide variety of [scary] articles about plastics and the endocrine blocking chemicals that make them up. It was overwhelming. I think everyone had a good idea about BPA these days but BPA is just the icing. There is so, so, so much more.

I began the extensive task of removing dangerous plastics from my life and my family’s lives as best as possible. I think it’s impractical to eliminate plastic completely but for anything controllable in your home, I highly recommend making the attempt.

Here are 5 practical ways to remove plastics from your life:

1. Dishes: It is easy for adults to use glass or ceramic plates and bowls but with small kids involved, finding a solution was hard. For our family, we selected a 5 piece set (plate, bowl, cup, spoon and fork) from Untangled Living. We’ve used them 3 months now and still really love them. They are the perfect size for small kids. The girls think they are awesome too. And there was no looking back. We have just one set per kid as they are a bit pricey and we wash them every meal by hand. It keeps our clutter down as well so win-win. Read the rest of this entry

Product Review: Nani Kalani Clothing

Picture Day!

Picture Day!

Who has a daughter out there? As you all know, I have three of them. Girls. My little ladies are runners, climbers, and diggers. Their favorite place to play is outside. They are true and true tom boys. But oh lord, let me tell you about their love for dresses! These ladies. I tell you.

Okay, so my point… a fellow momma friend shared a status on Facebook (before I left) that caught my attention. It was a blogging opportunity to do a product review for clothing for little girls. Since I thought I was obviously perfect for the opportunity, I contacted Melissa and she agreed with me! It took about 3 weeks total from the time that I first made contact till I received my samples. Here’s the full scoop: Read the rest of this entry

Recipe: Veggie Corn Chowder (A #100DaysCookbook Review)

Cookbook On Counter All Ready to Go

Cookbook On Counter All Ready to Go

I was recently picked by Lisa Leake and her team to be a cookbook ambassador for the new book ‘100 Days of Real Food: How We Did it, What We Learned and 100 Wholesome, Easy Recipes Your Family Will Love.’ As a long time follower of the 100 Days of Real Food blog, I could not have been more excited to be selected. I received a complimentary, signed copy of the book in exchange for my participation in the program which includes writing honest reviews and sharing my opinions on selected recipes.

Last night I decided to try a new recipe. Not only have I never had a chowder, ever but I’ve also not been a soup type person much at all. (This is basically a lie. I grew up hating soups, chili and the like but on our clean eating journey I’ve embraced trying more and more of them and find that I actually like them quite a lot.) Let me first paint a picture for you of what my night looked like: Read the rest of this entry

Product Review: K5 Online Learning





Deep in Concentration

Early this year I was invited to try out an online learning program with my children. K5 Online Learning  is an after school learning tool for children in grades kindergarten through 5th grade. I looked around the site myself and decided to give Orange a shot at it as she is a fast learner. She was very excited about the lessons and seemed to have a great time with the website. We played around with the games over her Christmas break and into her extended time off due to multiple snow days this year. We practiced math, spelling and reading and she really caught on and loved it. Her favorite part may have been creating her own avatar but she definitely never caught on to the fact that she was learning and not just playing a game.  Read the rest of this entry

#TenThoughtsTuesday … I’m Baaaaccckkkk!


Ten Thoughts Tuesday1. I may one day type up a whole post about following my dreams and why I decided to come back to WordPress instead of owning my own domain and flying free but for now, this will simply have to serve as your official notice. I’m back.

2. You can expect anywhere from 0-7 posts per week from me. Those are the kind of promises I make to readers.

3. I’ve been blogging for YEARS. I think I can officially even say a decade. Blogging is for me. It got complicated somewhere in the schpeal of trying to make money. I still doing freelance writing though. I don’t exactly count those as mutually exclusive in any way. Read the rest of this entry

Bing Rewards: Earn Extra Money Today!


BING(1)As a stay-at-home-mom, I’m always looking for good opportunities to earn a little extra. I’ve recently signed up with the popular website, Swagbucks. It boasts completing easy tasks to earn quick rewards that add up for actual cash value gift cards. The most common reward is a $5 Amazon gift card for 450 Swagbucks (points). I did really like the idea of Swagbucks and I still use them for earning rewards here and there but recently, I received an offer from them to earning points for signing up and trying out Bing Rewards. Now this is where the magic happens! Read the rest of this entry

Product Review: Ice Cream Magic


20140107-081544.jpgI was contacted by to receive the product for free in exchange for a review, I jumped on the chance.

This product was quite a lot of fun. We’ve been making our own ice cream with the KitchenAid Ice Cream Mixer attachment for quite some time so we love the homemade taste. That is a 2 day process though to make a full batch and sometimes, we need something FAST. Read the rest of this entry