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Writer Road Trip: 50 Shades of Mommy Wars


Writer Road TripThis month has been a very trying month for me. First, all the sudden there is an uproar about moms wearing yoga pants, then there was a measles outbreak at Disneyland and the whole country went crazy and finally, the movie “50 Shades of Grey” came out in theaters and people POUNCED. I try really hard to remain neutral because I’m a blogger and I often have to represent both sides in my social media freelance work but when posts get completely overwhelming like they have been, I take a different approach: I leave social media altogether. No one in my real life is going to bring up these controversial topics and if they do, it’s with a mutual agreement that we love and care about each enough to empathize, respect and stop before feelings get hurt. Guess what? Posts on the internet that make money off of people viewing and sharing them aren’t too concerned about people’s feelings getting hurt. There are the few gems but let’s face it, anything you read in a blog should be taken in with a grain of salt. And I’m a blogger. I can say that.

Frustrated with the ongoing, never-ending mommy wars, I took a new fun spin on it and created my latest post for Mumbling Mommy. Go check it out, 50 Shades of Mommy Wars. You won’t regret it.


#TenThoughtsTuesday … Connecting All My Medical Mysteries


Ten Thoughts Tuesday1. One month ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and leaky gut syndrome. I’m kind of surprised by this but the most common reaction I seem to be getting is, “I didn’t even know you were sick.” That’s the thing. I am not sick. I function. I do what I need to do. I take care of my kids and finish my freelance work before my deadlines. My symptoms were so drastically different from what the average person saw of me. I often hide behind my smile.

2. I knew something was wrong. I’ve known for a very long time that something was wrong. I saw specialists for just about everything you can imagine, did blood tests and urine samples and MRI’s and CT scans. Gosh, I don’t even know how much money we’ve spent trying to figure out why my body is this way. I almost started feeling like it was all in my head. I asked my best friend on more than one occasion if she thought I was a hypochondriac. I have been mentally beaten, being told “everything is normal” over and over and over and over again. I don’t know how long that will take to heal. Part of me is still in disbelief. I say my diagnoses out loud and feel like I’m having an out-of-body experience, like I’m talking about someone else I know. Read the rest of this entry

5 Tips to Remove Plastics from Your Life in a Plastic Obsessed World

Photo from Creative Commons Search

Photo from Creative Commons Search

This summer before having any clue about just how severe my medical issues were, I got the results of a basic hormone screening from my gynecologist. He’s a good guy but being told yet again that “everything is normal” when everything was very, very much NOT normal was extremely infuriating. I never advocate for using the internet to diagnose problems but with my range of symptoms, there was no way that it was all in my head. I knew something had to be wrong somewhere and I wasn’t giving up my fight yet to figure out what. I took to my trusty Bing search and tried to find ANYTHING that could explain. I came across a wide variety of [scary] articles about plastics and the endocrine blocking chemicals that make them up. It was overwhelming. I think everyone had a good idea about BPA these days but BPA is just the icing. There is so, so, so much more.

I began the extensive task of removing dangerous plastics from my life and my family’s lives as best as possible. I think it’s impractical to eliminate plastic completely but for anything controllable in your home, I highly recommend making the attempt.

Here are 5 practical ways to remove plastics from your life:

1. Dishes: It is easy for adults to use glass or ceramic plates and bowls but with small kids involved, finding a solution was hard. For our family, we selected a 5 piece set (plate, bowl, cup, spoon and fork) from Untangled Living. We’ve used them 3 months now and still really love them. They are the perfect size for small kids. The girls think they are awesome too. And there was no looking back. We have just one set per kid as they are a bit pricey and we wash them every meal by hand. It keeps our clutter down as well so win-win. Read the rest of this entry

#TenThoughtsTuesday … A Mess of Being Sick


Ten Thoughts Tuesday1. This past Friday I saw my doctor for the results of a massive amount of bloodwork I had done a few weeks prior. (They took nearly 30 vials of blood.) (I posted about it on Twitter.)
2. One of the tests was an ALCAT food sensitivity test that does a gut health profile.
3. My results and symptoms are consistent with patients with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. There are no official tests to diagnose these diseases.
4. It is a hard pill to swallow finding out I have an autoimmune disorder.
5. It is even harder to think of all of the healthy changes our family had already made, that I strongly advocate for and how they simply weren’t enough. (Side note, had we not made changes, there is a good chance my conditions could be so severe right now that I’d be bed bound some days with so much joint pain and inflammation.
6. In addition to these results I am vitamin D, iodine and melatonin deficient (I have since started natural, food based supplements to correct these issues. I’ll retest in 3 months.)
7. Furthermore, my ALCAT tests show I have an extreme case of leaky gut syndrome.
8. Out of 200 foods tested, 63 reacted with my blood, 10 of those severely reacted and I may never be able to eat those foods again.
9. I can no longer eat dairy (to be specific, casein), gluten, white potato, garlic, coconut, olive [oil], pineapple, pear, grapes, certain melons, carrots, cucumber, zucchini, chicken, rice, pinto and black beans, and so much more, obviously, since that doesn’t equal 63…
10. ALCAT provided a very detailed rotation of what foods I can eat on what days. It leaves me with kind of some strange combinations and I’ve had to get creative for sure but it’s taken a lot of he guess work out of meal planning and after just 3 strict days I’m already noticing some subtle changes. To follow along with my daily meals and snacks, check out my Instagram where I am keeping my picture food journal.

Life Through Lyrics: Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars


Chasing_CarsFor my latest installment in Life Through Lyrics, I bring to you ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol. This is a slightly older (a decade or so) song that I fell in love with as I sobbed watching Denny die on Grey’s Anatomy after everything Izzy tried to do to save him. To this day I still cannot wait that episode with bawling.

I revisited this song often during my days of infertility and after my miscarriages when I felt most alone in the world, I blasted it louder than my ears could handle and screamed along to it in my car on the highway. After years of listening to it and using it for every good, bad and ugly moment of my life, it is truly the one song I come back to over and over again as mine. It’s relatable to me in ways I don’t expect others to understand and that’s okay with me. Anyway… Read the rest of this entry

Lunchtime with Gluten-free Kids





Making a change in your diet as significant as going gluten-free can be hard, really, really hard. All depending on what you were eating before the change though, it doesn’t have to be that bad. In the beginning, it’s normal to crave the foods you aren’t eating any more. Food is addictive much like any other vice. Why do you America is the most obese country in the world? Gluten is simply an additive in our food that makes it more desirable. In some cases, it makes it easier to cook with or more filling. But it does not make it more nutritious.

Gluten isn’t necessarily bad for you if eaten in balance with protein and nutrient dense produce. Unfortunately though, that balance has taken on a whole new definition in our society and people are eating way too much gluten. This can lead to problems with weight, sleep, energy and even our immune systems. (And if you have an actual gluten intolerance, the list is significantly worse.) Read the rest of this entry

Myths About Gluten



Last week Princess Daddy and I went to an initial consultation with a local holistic nutritionist. I’ve had a lot of abnormal health concerns most of my life, most recently being adrenal fatigue. With our change to healthier eating, I’ve noticed many of my issues balancing out. After much research, I realized that diet and nutrition are connected to hundreds of diseases and thousands of symptoms. We spoke to the nutritionist for nearly an hour and connected instantly. She agrees with us on the definition of healthy and what step we should be taking next… Read the rest of this entry

Green Ketchup and Why What Your Food LOOKS Like Shouldn’t Matter


Does anyone remember green ketchup? I think it was Heinz that made it and I don’t remember the reason other than just for fun. I believe they had a purple version too. There was absolutely no taste difference. Green ketchup was simply regular tomato based ketchup with high levels of blue and yellow dyes added after the natural red color of the tomatoes had been striped. I was a kid when it was out. And it failed. Miserably. It tasted exactly the same but people couldn’t get their minds around eating it because it was green.

Now I understand that all our senses work together to create taste enabling us to enjoy our food but why on earth does it matter what color things are? Read the rest of this entry

Coming Soon…


busy-mom-21-e1335750322258The life of a freelancer can be quite hectic. Add in three kids to take care of all day and extra work (because extra money comes from extra work and the holidays are coming…) and assumedly you now understand where I’ve been 🙂

Hey, did you hear I’m dealing with a UTI right now too? Awesomesauce.

So, stay tuned because I have some great blogs coming your way: (Did I ever finish all those other blogs I promised? No? Okay, I’ll try to do those to.) Read the rest of this entry

Recipe: “Hunny, I Think We Made Minestrone?”


20131016-090237.jpgThis weekend, the Princess Family stayed quite busy. We love to be busy and we love to live life to the fullest. So Saturday we were gone all day for the March Against Monsanto. Sunday, even though we were exhausted, had a ton to do and really didn’t need to go out again, we decided to head to a local state park. This park is very near and dear to us. Princess Daddy took me there for many a date before our wedding and before kids. When I suffered my first miscarriage, there was nothing more I wanted to do than be in nature so this park was our choice. It’s perfect in the fall, so many trails to hike along with amazing views or even a drive up into the bluffs if athletics isn’t your thing. It is our dream to camp there some day or stay in one of their cottages (or both!) because we just love this place that much. (Pere Marquette State Park in Illinois)

Anyway, knowing we’d be gone all day and knowing we were beating the odds and taking three young kids hiking of all things, we decided to start dinner in the crockpot. Read the rest of this entry