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My Marathon Story


14494835_10155057887341729_2794210292275623317_nThis weekend, I completed a marathon. 26.2 miles. For 6 hours, 43 minutes, and 29 seconds, I pushed myself harder than I have ever done before. That’s longer than labor lasted with my first child! And much like with my births, here I am to type up my story.

I signed up for the MO Cowbell race here locally in St. Charles, MO back in April after weighing a lot of options in my mind. I ran my first half marathon in April 2015. I picked to Go! St. Louis half in downtown St. Louis and really loved the course and race. The after-party was great, the mood of the race was great. I loved everything about it. In 2016, not ready for another half, we opted for the 7k they offered instead. As we finished I remembered everything I loved about the year before and decided the following year I was coming back for the full marathon. Read the rest of this entry


Support a Doula, Get a Cool Shirt!


Available in other colors and designs too!

Check out this awesome shirt design made by Princess Daddy to support me on my journey to become a childbirth educator and doula. Order your shirt today and share the idea with your friends. This design will only be available until April 15th so act now!

Writer Road Trip: Fibromyalgia and My Half Marathon


Writer Road TripHi lovely readers! I am keeping very busy with many things and unfortunately, this gives little time for Our Magical Chaos. Post here will likely be few and far between for awhile but I’d love it if you join me over at I post at least twice a month and I’m the social media editor. Plenty of good things there to keep you entertained and to follow along with my family.

A few of my recent posts over there:

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30 Day Challenge – Running Style


I need a good jump start to my routine. Now that we have moved and are settling in, running needs to become a priority again for my health and mental well being. I love running but have had to push it aside. I’m excited to be joining in on this challenge to get my muscles back in the game. Princess Daddy is accepting the challenge with me, will you?

Journey To the Finish Line

Admit it.

You’ve completed tried at least one of those 30 day challenges.

The ab challenge. (yup)

The squat challenge (kinda)

The plank challenge (kinda)

The arm challenge (nope – I get enough arm challenge carrying twin toddlers thank you)

I follow quite a few fitness and running fanatics on twitter, one of which is Kinetic Revolution. He offers a free 30 day challenge that he claims will change your running. Run Faster. Run Stronger. Or so he says.

Historically, I am not very flexible. Yoga has helped this some, but even my once a week practices start out pretty awkwardly. I’m stretching almost every day, but I’m told by my chiropractor at every visit that I’m still too tight (ugh). Since I’m really focused on trying to keep running without injuring myself again, I thought I’d give this a try.

The first week focuses on Basic Mobility and…

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Ten Thought TuesdayIn an effort to be less wordy and more random, I’ve taken the advice of some of my new favorite blogging buddies and am launching a new fun Tuesday theme… If only I remember to keep up with it.

  1. After completely our first relay team biathlon this past weekend, Princess Daddy and I decided we want to do it again. It’s coming up in September but the running course has many more hills than what I ran on this time so I am going to start hill training today in preparation for it.
  2. I will soon be featuring a series of reviews for Zaggora Hotpants. They sent me a pair for free in exchange for reviewing and giving them a free shout out. I tried a 30 minute yoga workout in them last week and was really impressed so I’m excited to keep using them.
  3. Orange and I had fun doing origami yesterday. Read the rest of this entry

The Seven Year Itch: Surviving Marriage in a Princess World

Walking down the "aisle"

Walking down the “aisle”

Today marks seven years since I walked down the aisle across a parking lot in the hot August sunshine. Before me my youngest brother had escorted my mom to her seat. My oldest brother and cousin both held an arm of my best friend at the time and Maid of Honor. And I clung tightly to my daddy’s arm. Nothing about our wedding ceremony was how I imagined growing up. It was in a church I was unfamiliar with, with practices that were foreign to me. But the man I was doing it all for? Was worth it. So this aisle runner covered black top is where I took my first step into marriage.

In my About Me section, I talk about the journey Princess Daddy and I have gone on. We’ve been through things most couples never even imagine. We aren’t perfect. We have hidden struggles even today. But we are surviving. And we are coming out stronger in the end. Read the rest of this entry


Making a pirate ship from recycled Chipotle trash.

Making a pirate ship from recycled Chipotle trash.

I’ve been posting dinner tidbits for a while now on my private blog and it seems friends and family love them so much that I’ve decided to share some overviews with you.

It was a busy, busy weekend. I enjoyed every single minute of it which was wonderful as we are heading into tomorrow, our 7th wedding anniversary! Wow 🙂 Princess Daddy and I also competed in my first (his third) relay team biathlon which was incredible. So lots of things to blog about this week.

In the meantime, I’ll get us back on track with delicious meal ideas.

Monday: Hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, steamed green beans

Tuesday: Organic (grass-fed beef) steak fajitas topped with sautéed onions and bell peppers with chips and pineapple salsa on the side.

Wednesday: Pizza casserole (pre-made from 2 weeks ago in the freezer) Read the rest of this entry