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Product Review: Mobidri Towel (And a Half Marathon Recap)

The Mobidri Stays Tucked Away, No Problem

The Mobidri Stays Tucked Away, No Problem

This past weekend I checked off a major goal, I ran a half marathon! I added this to my list of accomplishments I wanted to have before turning 30 but really, it was about accomplishing it for me. Even if I didn’t make it before 30 for some reason, I still wanted to do that run.

I wrote all about my race on Mumbling Mommy in a post titled Dear Fibromyalgia, I Won!

I’ve talked about my running gear before but for this post, I want to talk about a new addition to my lineup, the Mobidri towel. If you don’t know already, the Mobidri towel is “highly technical, water-resistant on the inner, super absorbent on the outer, thin, lightweight and designed to stay with you.” So it’s a sweat rag, right? That’s what I thought at first too. And then I spent 14 weeks of training with it. This is NOT your average sweat rag.  Read the rest of this entry


A Year of Running #10korbust

Warmed Up and Ready to Run

This year I defined myself. This year I pushed myself. This year I became the person I want to be. I am proud of myself. I admire myself. And when I need competition, I look to better myself.

This year I trained for and completed my first 5k. Inspired and motivated, I decided to team up with Princess Daddy for a relay biathlon where I ran the first 5 mile stretch. When that was a success, I did it again, this time taking on a team biathlon with the same 5 miles of running but this time over the course of rolling hills. With each race I feel even more powerful and even more driven for further. Read the rest of this entry

Fine, I Concede… I’m a Runner


A few weeks ago, my best friend posted this copy of the Ten Commandments for the Runner on my Facebook wall:


Now, assuming you’ve read my post about how I began running and what it means to me, it’s safe to say that most people know me as a runner now (of course in addition to being a mom, a writer, etc.)

The thing is though… No matter how much I ran, I still didn’t believe. I was quick to avoid calling myself a runner. I’d use reason and logic to try to back this up… Read the rest of this entry

Doing the Running Man


RunningIt has taken a lot of training but as of now, I consider myself a runner. I run for fun. I run for competition. I run for health. I am a running (wo)man. Here’s a look back on my journey and just why running is so important to me these days.

On March 20, 2012 I went for my very first postpartum run. Pink and Purple were just short of 4 months old. I was on restricted activity for 8 weeks pregnant and 8 weeks postpartum so finally getting moving was HARD. I started with the couch to 5k program. I made it to week 2, day 1.

We soon got a double jogging stroller so again, I was determined to get out and run while Orange was still at daycare all day (before we switched her to preschool through the school district). So on June 12, 2012 I set out yet again to be a runner. I decided to “do my own thing” this time. I ran 3 times. Read the rest of this entry