Cloth Diapers: What’s in Your Stash?

Freshly Folded Diaper Laundry

Freshly Folded Diaper Laundry

I started cloth diapering back in April. Beforehand, I was nearly adamantly against it. It sounds funny saying something like being AGAINST cloth diapering but I really was. It sounded so gross and unhygienic. It seemed expensive and time-consuming.

And even in the first few weeks, I still wasn’t overwhelmed with excitement.

But here I am, just over 3 months later and I’m sold. We just started embracing night-time diapering as well which honestly is much easier than I expected. I researched the options in length before committing. And before the month ends, I’ll be doing a blog about my ideal diaper as part of a contest Kawaii Baby is running.

In the meantime though, here’s an overview of what’s in my stash (and other cloth diaper related supplies):

  • 2 hempbabies prefolds
  • 10 hemp/MF blend inserts
  • 10 bamboo doublers
  • 6 bamboo/MF blend inserts
  • 24 MF inserts
  • 12 Kawaii GNHW
  • 2 PUL Pail liners
  • 25 double-sided flannel wipes
  • 12 econobabies prefolds
  • 11 misc brand 60/40 trifold
  • 24 Kawaii prefolds
  • 47 Kawaii OS ultra soft square tab cross over pockets
  • 1 hanging hamper
  • homemade detergent
  • homemade booty spray
  • California Baby diaper cream
  • coconut oil
  • Dawn blue dish detergent
  • Tea Tree Oil
The Overnight Diaper Drawer

The Overnight Diaper Drawer

We had to do some buy/sell/trades to get the stash just as we wanted it. We still have some extra supplies that I’ll be working on selling online in the next few weeks. I like to keep things minimal so when I know we haven’t used something in several weeks, it’s out.

I wash every 3 days or so.

And we save a lot of money, a ridiculously large amount of money. Our total stash (not including the cleaning supplies that need to be replenished) cost us roughly $400. I mention this part because there are brands out there that cost $30-40 per diaper. I have absolutely no problem with moms choosing that route but for our family, cloth diapering would not be possible paying that much. The quality may be slightly less but they work. Poop and pee stays in. Diapers get washed, come out clean and life goes on. Right? (And just in case you were wondering. That’s $400 for diapers for TWO babies. Prior to cloth diapering, we spent $410 on disposables (the generic brand at that!) for ONE year for ONE baby…)

Do you cloth diaper? Why or why not? What’s in YOUR stash?


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  1. I cloth diaper have done since v was 9 weeka old. I wish i had started sooner.
    I was very curious about the new born diapers so a few weeks a go i ordered one. It arrived in the mail today its so cute and tiny. The next baby ill be buy new born cloths and doing it from the start.
    I have a lot in my stash. I recently made a blog post. I currently on my mobile so i cant link it here, but its titled whats in my stash 😉

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