Review: Reusable Cloth Pads via Pampered Mama


This post is Day 18 for National Blog Posting Month on Blogher.

Please note that while I do post many product reviews based on receiving products for free, this review is being done completely of my choice simply to tell you about a product and company I love. I have purchased all of my products and reviewed my own personal collection.

579701_558974344121724_1328241020_nI started using cloth pads about 4 months after my twins were born. I googled cloth products and compared the first two things that came up, picked a few and done. I didn’t ask my friends or talk to my mom. I was pretty secretive about it at first. I’m not so sure I was ashamed of what I was doing but rather I was just very new to this world of natural living.

About 3 months in, I was convinced. I didn’t have enough pads for my full cycle and I could easily tell the difference between my cloth days and disposable days. My cramps were different. My flow was different. My skin irritation was different. It was pretty miraculous. I knew I needed more and by this time, I was comfortable speaking up in some of my Facebook groups of crunchy moms.

Someone answered back with a bunch of names, Pampered Mama being one of them. I found her Hyena Cart store very easily just by searching her name and looked around. I was overwhelmed by all the choices since I was still very new to all this. I had only used flannel cotton pads at this point and Pampered Mama offers so much more. I decided best to email her and get the scoop because I had no clue what would be best.

Tanya was amazing to work with. She explained in detail the different cotton options available, compared their absorbency and softness and even said which ones are easiest to clean. Finally, she went one step further and offered to mail me a few swatches so I could feel the differences.

I was blown away by how sweet and helpful this mama was. I finally made the choice and ordered my pads. The prices are extremely reasonable. I paid more than double for my first set of pads from a different retailer. And honestly, every single period I find myself grabbing Pampered Mama first. I dread the last couple of days when I have to switch to the other brand.

So here’s a few things most people think most about:

Absorbency: I have never once leaked through a cloth pad. On normal days I can wear one 4-6 hours. On heavy days I normally get 3-4 hours out of one.

Comfort: I use most cotton velour topped pads and they are so soft. Since I started out using flannel (and still use when my others aren’t available) I am very impressed with the velour. It’s not hot or itchy. It does stain rather easily but I’m not obsessive about that. I know that stains don’t equal dirty. And let’s face it, it’s to catch your period.

The only time I have any issues with comfort is when I run. I was lucky enough to be on my period during my recent 10k. I contacted Tanya immediately after asking for advice on something athletic worthy. Sure enough, she didn’t let me down. I’m hoping to add some jersey topped pads to my collection soon.

On my heavy days I use Sherpa topped pads. Let me tell you something, these pads are phenomenal. I don’t think Sherpa gets much credit in the mama cloth world but wowsa. It is awesome for absorbency, rinses out really well and isn’t too bulky.

Quality: I have never had an issue with any of my pads. The stitching all stays intact great. No problems with the snaps. The snaps are reinforced. All the pads have Pampered Mama tags on them which I don’t even notice.

Overall, if you hadn’t already guessed, I 100% recommend these pads.

On top of mama cloth, Tanya also makes nursing gowns, breast pads postpartum packs and even goodies for your kitchen. I have reusable covers for my pyrex bowls and casserole dishes and they are superb. I even have a custom made hanging wet bag for my kitchen gear since I use un-paper towels* and cloth snack bags.*

Using cloth myself was really the turning point in deciding to do so many other natural things in our home including cloth diapering. I am very happy with my decision to switch and am glad to discuss any further details if you are interested.

Do you use mama cloth? What’s your favorite brand?

*Not made my Pampered Mama.

Photo Shown taken my Pampered Mama of my personal pad collection prior to shipping and posted on the Pampered Mama Facebook page.


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